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Sticky Notes
For your 3-walled home away from home.

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2 3/8 Item# NC2A
as low as $3.72
3 Item# NC3A
as low as $4.45
Pocket Flag Buddy Item# MP024
as low as $1.49
25 Sheet, 4 Item# P4A3A25
as low as $0.42
Slimline Sticky Memo Holder Item# SM-3263
as low as $1.15
3 Item# SNC3B
as low as $3.30
3 Item# P3A3A25ECO
as low as $0.46
3 Item# P3A3A50
as low as $0.72
3 Item# P3A3A50ECO
as low as $0.80
Letter Opener & Flags Item# VS2503
as low as $1.60
Swanky Notepad & Pen Set Item# NTEPD
as low as $2.99
Promotional Calculator Sticky Caddy Item# PL-4124
as low as $3.25
Deluxe Sticky Note Organizer Item# SM-3261
as low as $3.86
Sticky Note And Flag Desk Set Item# VS2502
as low as $5.70
Dardo III Dart Game/notepad Dispenser Item# EG3002
as low as $12.95
Smiley Custom Sticky Note Pack Item# PL-4125
as low as $0.76
4 Item# P4A4A25
as low as $0.56
Edge Memo Stack Item# SM-3260
as low as $0.69
Note Pyramid with Swanky Pen Item# AC2004NC
as low as $5.99
4 Item# SND4B25
as low as $0.84
Memo Pad & Sticky Note Folder Item# OFN1900
as low as $1.28
Flag And Sticky Note Caddie Item# FSNC
as low as $4.50
3 Item# SNC3C
as low as $1.44
Sticky Note Organizer Item# SM-3233
as low as $2.80
Post-it® Poster Paper - 4 color process Item# PP811-D
as low as $2.45
4 Item# P4A4A50
as low as $1.02
Mood Dude® Sticky Book® Item# PL-0465
as low as $1.92
4 Item# P4A4A100
as low as $1.82
3 Item# SND3A25
as low as $0.49
2 3/8 Item# SNC2A
as low as $4.97
4 Item# SND4A25
as low as $0.50
5 Item# SND5A25
as low as $0.74
Easi-Notes® Box – 5½” x 3½” Item# DK104
as low as $3.29
Sticky Flags In Case Item# 1838
as low as $0.86
Mini Sticky Hoodie Item# SNB-30
as low as $2.67
Promotional Sticky Book Item# PL-0466
as low as $1.72
Mini Sticky Scrubs Item# SCB-40
as low as $2.89
Post-it® Poster Paper - 1 PMS Color Item# PP811-O
as low as $1.92
Deluxe Accent Memo Booklet Item# SM-3239
as low as $0.67
Highlighter Strips Booklet Item# SM-3242
as low as $1.54
Calculator & Sticky Note Case Item# SM-3231
as low as $3.38
4 Item# PB4A3A50
as low as $2.32
Rotating Calculator/Sticky Notes Set Item# AC1001BK
as low as $6.49
Sticky Flags & Pen In Case Item# 1374
as low as $0.96
Sticky Note Magnetic Clip Item# 80-42220
as low as $1.55
Easi-Notes Memo Set Item# DK1037
as low as $4.28
Eco Stowaway Sticky Jotter with Pen Item# PL-4260
as low as $1.25
Pocket Jotter With Stickies Item# PL-4261
as low as $0.98
Hard Cover Sticky Flag Jotter Pad Item# PL-4272
as low as $2.50
Four Chapters Of Stickies Item# PL-4412
as low as $1.68
Soho Memo Pad Desk Frame Item# LG-9026
as low as $13.50
Recycled Note & Flag Set Item# VS1313
as low as $1.63
Refillable Leatherette Memo Case Item# SM-3246
as low as $2.12
Sticky Note Bookmark, Full Color Item# 82-34100
as low as $1.14
Memo Clip with Sticky Flags Item# SM-3187
as low as $1.25
Reusable Highlighter Strips Item# DK105
as low as $2.80
3x3 Adhesive Notepad-50 Sheets Item# AN33-50
as low as $0.62
Sticky Notes & Flags In Pocket Case Item# 1347
as low as $0.69
The Look Book Item# SM-3194
as low as $0.96
Puzzle Sticky Notes Item# SM-3203
as low as $2.41
Time's Up Sticky Notes Item# SM-3112
as low as $1.25
Deskpad With Sticky Notes Item# SM-3208
as low as $1.55
Recycled Desktop Set Item# SM-3185
as low as $2.41
Magnifying Glass with Sticky Notes Item# SM-3186
as low as $1.25
Memo Case With Sticky Flags & Notes Item# 1368
as low as $2.67
What better way to advertise your business than on custom note pads that will be used and seen every day? Even in today’s times of advanced technology, there is virtually no better way to jot down an idea than on a piece of paper. The adhesive solution on the back of each note allows it to be stuck on a variety of surfaces. They’re ideal for recording grocery lists, to-do lists, or any other important piece of information, and can even be customized for a specific type of list. These are extremely practical gift items that won’t cost your company a fortune and are available in many different shapes and sizes to provide a long lasting brand impression.

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