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Gradient Soft Shell Jacket
Port Authority Gradient Soft Shell Jacket
Item J311
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Ladies Gradient Hooded Soft Shell Jacket
Port Authority Ladies Gradient Hooded Soft Shell Jacket
Item L312
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Glacier Soft Shell Jacket
Port Authority Glacier Soft Shell Jacket
Item J790
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Best selling Promotional Apparel

Appeal to the masses! When you hand out promotional apparel, you want to make sure that the recipients are going to actually wear the products that you have given them. And what better way to make sure that is the case than to trust what’s worked for other companies? Our best selling promotional apparel includes products that have consistently performed well and ones that our customers buy time and time again! No matter what type of industry you are in, promotional apparel serves as an excellent giveaway item because of the combination of usefulness and versatility. The items that have proved to be consistent top sellers span the gamut of different apparel types. Popular types of apparel include more traditional giveaway items like t-shirts, baseball caps and polos, in addition to different, more out-of-the-box products like hoodies, fleeces and flip-flops. Whether you are trying to marketing towards men, women or children (or all three!), you’ll find some proven winners in our collection of best selling promotional apparel. Making sure that the type of apparel that you choose will effectively promote your brand is easy to do. Popular pieces are high performers for a good reason!

Promotional Wear for School Spirit

Promotional wear is great for instilling school spirit in people, especially college and university students. College students often feel a sense of pride when it comes to their particular institution and that sense of pride lasts a lifetime. Promotional wear is a natural way for students to support their school. If you live in a town or city where there are a lot of college students present, you’re bound to see a lot of promotional wear when you’re interacting with them. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts and flip-flops are all part of a college student’s daily attire and everyone knows that college students love free stuff! Uses for promotional wear go farther than just advertising the school itself, however. Personalized apparel makes an excellent vehicle for promoting extracurricular activities that go on at a college campus such as intermural sports, residential life, music programs and student government.

Choosing Popular Promotional Clothing to Market Your Brand

When considering ways to market your brand or organization, why not take a look at some of our most popular promotional clothing? The great thing about choosing to use clothing to promote your brand or organization is that your choices can be tailored toward your specific industry. Are you in the sports industry? Think about some custom polo shirts with your logo embroidered on the front chest. A moisture-wicking piece of apparel also might be a good choice. If your industry caters toward the teenage or college-aged population, perhaps a fashion-forward and stylish t-shirt, like a ringer tee, will prove to be the most popular. Promotional clothing’s appeal is two fold: one, apparel consistently proves to be a giveaway item that your customers will use on a regular basis. And two, when your customers wear a piece of promotional clothing imprinted with your brand, they are basically a walking advertisement for you.

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