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Automotive Items
For the road warrior in all of us.

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Promotional Ice Scraper Item# 3070
as low as $1.02
License Plate Insert Item# 1225
as low as $0.60
Sticky Pad ® Item# 09013
as low as $1.72
Universal License Plate - 4 Holes Item# 1200U
as low as $0.76
Visor Promotional Ice Scraper Item# 3060
as low as $0.76
Static Window Cling Circle -4 Item# 00084
as low as $0.49
Zippered First Aid Pouch Item# SM-1502
as low as $2.18
Hot Rod® Vent Stick Item# 09505
as low as $1.39
Edge Small Ice Scraper Item# 40052
as low as $0.49
PhotoVision Car Air Freshener Item# PVFRESH
as low as $2.38
Bumper Sticker- 3 3/4 Item# 00146
as low as $0.60
AdScents Item# 74604
as low as $2.21
Visor Buddy Ice Scraper - Large Item# 40254
as low as $0.65
Sticky Pad ® Car Item# 09053
as low as $1.72
Bumper Sticker- 3 1/4 Item# 00143
as low as $0.33
 Aspen Ice Scraper Item# TLK1900
as low as $2.16
5 Item# 00074
as low as $0.59
Oval Shape Bumper Sticker Item# 13004
as low as $0.33
Full Color License Plate Frame Item# 22392
as low as $2.34
7 Item# 00076
as low as $0.59
Great Lakes 10 Item# 3075
as low as $1.34
6 Item# 77799
as low as $1.17
Sticky Pad ® Round Item# 09023
as low as $2.10
Clear Round Window Cling- 2 Item# 00081
as low as $0.23
10 Item# 40020
as low as $2.10
2 1/2 Item# 88046
as low as $0.55
Clear Round Window Cling- 3 Item# 00082
as low as $0.31
Large Ice Scraper - Full Color Imprint Item# 80-40054
as low as $1.64
Clear Round Window Cling- 5 Item# 00085
as low as $0.50
Arctic Large Ice Scraper Item# 40054
as low as $0.65
Visor Buddy Ice Scraper - Small Item# 40258
as low as $0.46
Wally Ice Scraper Item# TLK2100
as low as $0.75
Sticky Pad ® Heart Item# 09063
as low as $2.10
Small Paw Car Sign Magnet Item# CS54
as low as $1.20
Small Helmet Custom Car Sign Magnet Item# CS55
as low as $1.20
Eyeglass/sunglass Holder Clip Item# 98H
as low as $1.12
Dual Visor Clip Item# 199
as low as $1.41
Car Magnets- Football Item# CS47FCA
as low as $0.88
Basketball Car Magnet Item# CS13FCG
as low as $0.88
Volleyball Car Sign Magnet Item# CS13FCM
as low as $0.88
Tennis Ball Car Sign Magnet Item# CS13FCH
as low as $0.88
Baseball Car Sign Magnet Item# CS13FCF
as low as $0.88
Soccer Ball Car Sign Magnet Item# CS13FCJ
as low as $0.88
Golf Ball Car Sign Magnet Item# CS13FCL
as low as $0.88
Car Sign Bumper Magnet Item# CS08
as low as $0.91
Jelly Sticky Pad® Tire Tread Item# 10173
as low as $2.72
Soccer Ball Car Sign Magnet Item# CS13A
as low as $0.86
Key Chain Tire Gauge Item# T-673
as low as $1.18
Meter Buddy Item# SM-9952
as low as $0.27
Car Sign Round Corner Square Item# CS49
as low as $0.44
PhotoVision Hitch Cover Item# PVHITCH
as low as $2.98
Football Car Sign Magnet Item# CS16
as low as $1.40
Auto Media Lounger Item# AUTOLNG
as low as $1.89
On-the-Go Car Charger Item# 2600
as low as $1.54
Auto Safety Tool Item# 7209
as low as $1.74
Life-Saving Hammer Item# SM-9983
as low as $2.31
Car Sign Magnet Ball Item# CS13
as low as $1.20
Automotive items are a great way to get your company's name out on the streets. From imprinted air fresheners to branded emergency equipment, there are some great ways to endorse your business or organization in this category. When recipients view your logo on these items, they are reminded of you and your services with each and every look. Grow your client base and market your company to prospects with everything from ice scrapers to maps or keychains, no matter who your target audience includes. You could even give your employees one to carry their office key or to your company's road warriors, so that they have the tools and equipment they need in case of an emergency. Whether it's a sudden snowstorm or a flat tire, with these products, your recipients will have the emergency automotive items they need for any situation.

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