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50/50 Short-Sleeve Raglan Custom T-Shirt
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Custom Baseball Apparel

Custom baseball apparel is perfect for companies who sponsor a local youth baseball team, take part in their own baseball league, or even those that are looking for fun clothing to imprint and distribute to employees to wear on casual Fridays. There is a variety of items to choose from like Henley tees with a 2-button placket and jerseys paired with a bold contrast trim. One of the most popular items among custom baseball apparel is the raglan tees. These shirts generally feature a three-quarter-length sleeve that extends to the collar of the shirt, with a diagonal seam that runs from the underarm to the neckline. The sleeves are also often in bright contrasting colors to the rest of the shirt. The raglan tee is said to have been named after Field Marshal FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan, a British soldier who lost his right arm in the Battle of Waterloo and had a special sleeve designed to fit his military coat.

Custom Baseball Apparel – From Yesterday to Today

The very first official baseball uniforms was adopted by the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York City in 1849 and consisted of a white flannel shirt, blue wool pants and a straw hat. Many changes occurred to custom baseball apparel throughout the years since then, one of the most noted being when the Pittsburgh Pirates adopted a uniform made from double-knit fabric in 1970. This uniform was more durable, more comfortable and as imagined much less hot! Most of the custom baseball apparel one will find for community leagues today is made of cotton or a cotton/ polyester blend that is lightweight, less expensive and perfect for casual play.

Customizing Your Custom Baseball Apparel

Another aspect of baseball uniforms and custom baseball apparel that has changed throughout the years is the location of team names and player names and numbers. The earliest known photograph depicting a player wearing a uniform with his number is from the Chicago Daily News in 1909 of pitcher Jose Mendez, a Cuban ballplayer. Mendez is seen wearing his number ‘12’ on his left sleeve. It was not until the mid-1930s that every Major League baseball team uniform featured the players’ numbers and by this time they were located on their backs. The Chicago White Sox jerseys were the first to introduce players’ name on the backs in spring training of 1960. Today, every major league baseball team except for one has also adopted the practice of putting a player’s name on the back of the uniform. The New York Yankees are the only ones that do not. With your custom baseball apparel, you have the option of imprinting them with whatever you want practically anywhere you want! This means you can customize your custom baseball apparel with a team name, player name and number, but also allows you the space to ensure your company name and logo gets printed on there too for maximum brand exposure. You can choose from a wide variety of colors too to match your corporate logo, or the baseball teams’.

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