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Long Sleeve Essential T-Shirt
Port & Company Long Sleeve Essential T-Shirt
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Long Sleeve All-American Tee
Port & Company Long Sleeve All-American Tee
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Long Sleeve Essential T-Shirt with Pocket
Port & Company Long Sleeve Essential T-Shirt with Pocket
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Promotional Shirts

In 2008 alone, promotional products purchases spent approximately $5.55 billion on custom long sleeve shirts and other wearable items imprinted with a company name and logo. This statistic is not an anomaly; year after year, companies and organizations continue to purchase significantly more branded apparel items than any other promotional product. And it’s easy to see why logo apparel is so popular. Custom long sleeve shirts and other wearable items essentially turn recipients into walking billboard for the distributor’s brand. That’s because when recipients wear custom long sleeve shirts, they display your logo to all passersby, who will see the item as a personal endorsement of your organization.

Top Buyers and Uses of Long Sleeved T Shirts

While organizations in all industries can effectively use custom long sleeve shirts to increase visibility for their advertising message, these branded items are particularly popular amongst promotional products purchasers in the education, financial, not-for-profit, healthcare, and construction industries. However, even within these organizations, there is a wide range of uses for custom long sleeve shirts. From elementary schools to college and universities, organizations in the education industry often distribute long sleeved t shirts to raise awareness about their institution, in attempts to increase application rates. Educational institutions, as well as corporate sponsors, often use custom long sleeve shirts as spirit accessories. Many organizations incorporate long sleeved t shirts into athletes’ uniforms and more still give away these branded items at sporting events. Apparel items provide a means for fans to show support for their team- and your brand- both at the game as well as long after the sporting event is over.

Using Custom Long Sleeve Shirts a Corporate Giveaways

Custom long sleeve shirts are not just for educational institutions. These durable, practical promotional products make great corporate gifts and giveaways, too. One idea is to use promotional shirts to enhance employee relations and internal promotions. Companies should consider customizing t shirts and distributing them to increase enthusiasm surrounding company picnics, sports leagues, and field days. Another idea is to use promotional shirts to amplify account generation and customer retention. Depending on their target audience and promotional needs, a company could use t-shirts to increase traffic at an industry trade show, to encourage attendees to promote the organization after a conference, or to attract attention at a local festival. But whether you want to use custom long sleeve shirts for employee relations, customer goodwill, brand awareness, or anything in between, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

A Wide Selection of (Brand Name!) Custom Long Sleeve Shirts

Pinnacle offers a wide selection of custom long sleeve shirts in various colors, sizes, and materials. Whether you are looking for a brightly colored promotional t shirt to stand out in a crowd or a more demure basic tee that recipients will wear all around town, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. The majority of Pinnacle’s custom long sleeve shirts are made from 100% cotton material, which makes them incredibly lightweight and breathable. Long sleeved cotton t-shirts are ideal for everyday wear and recipients of all ages will appreciate these comfortable, classic apparel items.

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