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Solis Twist Action Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Bic Solis Twist Action Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Item Y215
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Custom BIC products, even in the digital age, still have an impact on education, business, and everyday life. In fact, people are so consumed with the pen industry itself that they have developed hundreds of variations of this simple tool. After all, one can always trust that their BIC pen has the comfort, ink flow, style, and functionality that one could wish for in any writing instrument. Additionally, this consistency in quality extends beyond the pens themselves to include a large variety of different products to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. One of the most cost-effective and functional brands of our time, these products produce the impressions your brand needs at a minimal price. For example, instead of bringing a stack of business cards to your next event, consider logo magnets and make your brand stick.

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