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BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter
Bic BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter
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Bic 3" Non-Adhesive Cube
Item NC3A
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4-Color Process Chipboard Cover Notebooks
Bic 4-Color Process Chipboard Cover Notebooks
Item NC4P57
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2 3/8
Bic 2 3/8" Adhesive Cube
Item SNC2A
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In the tried and true world of tangible products, Bic continues to be one of the most popular brands. The practicality of these products cannot be denied. Inexpensive, easy to carry, mailable and usable, they could very well be considered the most popular branded item available. Additionally, the brand name is widely recognizable and is backed by over 60 years of innovation and ingenuity coupled with durability and in the case of their pens, long-lasting writing power. And while we are at it, not only is a classic pen a practical item that will stay on a desk, pocket or purse, but Bic pens themselves are often passed between multiple users, giving your logo added exposures. With hundreds of available color combinations available, your branding power is endless!

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