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Brand Name Promotional Items
Fear not, label junkies... we carry all the big names!

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Unstructured Twill Cap Item# 580087
as low as $10.28
Dri-FIT Pebble Texture Polo Item# 373749
as low as $24.99
Dri-FIT Micro Pique Polo Item# 363807
as low as $27.93
Technical Colorblock Cap Item# 354062
as low as $14.69
Swoosh Front Cap Item# 333114
as low as $14.69
Nike Sphere Dry Cap Item# 247077
as low as $14.69
Bic® Round Stic Promotional Pen Item# RSB
as low as $0.38
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Brush Chrome Item# 7550-19
as low as $17.41
Classic Pocket Knife Item# 00S
as low as $15.09
Silk Touch Sport Shirt Item# K500
as low as $10.57
Ladies Classic Oxford Item# L606
as low as $18.34
Classic Oxford Item# S606
as low as $18.34
Youth R-Tek Fleece Vest Item# YJP79
as low as $19.75
R-Tek  Fleece Vest Item# JP79
as low as $21.16
Pullover Wind Vest Item# J702
as low as $21.16
Hybrid Stainless Steel Mug Item# 1640-57
as low as $13.05
Case Logic® 17 Item# 8150-27
as low as $24.18
Score Click Promotional Pen Item# 6001-11
as low as $0.55
Stanley® BPA-Free Water Bottle Item# 1640-50
as low as $11.11
Spicy Relish Lunch Tote Item# BT-5625
as low as $26.16
20-Ounce Bottle Tote Item# BT-5630
as low as $11.53
One Bottle Tote Item# BT-5634
as low as $9.42
One-Bottle Bag Item# BT-5701
as low as $8.34
Chester Golf Umbrella Item# LF2112
as low as $23.99
Davenport Compact Umbrella Item# LF1105
as low as $26.99
ALBION Large Size Folding Umbrella Item# LF2114
as low as $22.99
Promotional Koozie® Sleeve Item# 45838
as low as $1.33
Zip-Up Bottle Koozie® Kooler Item# 45417
as low as $1.90
Collapsible Koozie® Can Kooler Item# 45081
as low as $0.84
Koozie® Drawstring Backpack Kooler Item# 45335
as low as $4.37
The Original Koozie® Can Kooler Item# 45023
as low as $1.15
Collapsible Koozie® Bottle Kooler Item# 45067
as low as $2.72
Koozie® Promotional Stadium Seat Item# 45029
as low as $5.85
Post-it® Poster Paper - 4 color process Item# PP811-D
as low as $2.45
Post-it® Poster Paper - 1 PMS Color Item# PP811-O
as low as $1.92
Igloo Polar Lunch Cooler Item# 9030
as low as $8.99
Igloo Glacier Cooler Item# 9050
as low as $22.99
Igloo Avalanche Lunch Cooler Item# 9040
as low as $12.99
Monoline Fitted Cap Item# 65495
as low as $23.53
18.5 oz Filtered Water Bottle Item# 50100
as low as $10.84
Button Item# KD3001
as low as $3.20
Zippo® Classic Wine Bottle Cap Item# 7550-08
as low as $5.80
Slazenger®  Classic Shoebag Item# 6050-02
as low as $16.44
Double Wall Water Bottle Item# 1640-56
as low as $9.67
CamelBak® Performance™- 22 oz. Item# 52112-13
as low as $10.18
Teamsport Formation Gym Sack Item# 74695
as low as $14.39
Hybrid One Hand Mug Item# 1640-59
as low as $14.50
Scribe Click Item# 6001-15
as low as $0.80
Leaf Item# KD3003
as low as $2.10
Mix-It Cold Tumbler Item# 1640-61
as low as $14.50
Zip Camera Case Compact Item# BT-5647
as low as $10.47
CamelBak® Podium Bottle™- 24 oz. Item# 52115
as low as $8.65
Racer® Touchscreen Cleaner Item# KD3002
as low as $3.61
BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter Item# MPLTR
as low as $5.67
Author Click Item# 6001-03
as low as $0.59
Sport Guppy Item# KD3004
as low as $2.90
Alicia Klein® Slim Twist Item# 1055-70
as low as $5.09
Concise Click Item# 6001-05
as low as $0.80
Chemistry Tote Item# 65795
as low as $14.39
Economy Business Card Magnet Item# MGEBC
as low as $0.15
High Sierra® Identification Tag Item# 8050-65
as low as $4.83
Case Logic® Front Seat Mobile Office Item# 8150-10
as low as $26.11
Round Stic® Antimicrobial Pen Item# RSANTI
as low as $0.42
Zippo® Spring Loaded Leather Money Clip Item# 7550-33
as low as $12.57
Alicia Klein® Slim Roller Ball Item# 1055-71
as low as $5.57
Scroll Click Item# 6001-18
as low as $0.68
Filtered Groove™ - .6 L Item# 53284A
as low as $25.34
Clic Pen Item# CLB
as low as $0.79
Laptop Sleeve 12-13 Item# BT-5609
as low as $26.16
Bic® Clic Stic Promotional Pen Item# CSB
as low as $0.52
Zippo® Money Clip Item# 7550-31
as low as $4.83
.75L eddy™ Bottle Item# 53423
as low as $13.89
25 Sheet, 4 Item# P4A3A25
as low as $0.42
Slazenger® Sport Backpack Item# 6050-31
as low as $16.44
.6L eddy™ Bottle Item# 53408
as low as $12.81
Wide Body Grip Pen Item# CSWBG
as low as $0.99
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Black Matte Item# 7550-26
as low as $18.38
Alicia Klein® Two Fold ID Holder Item# 3000-12
as low as $8.50
Large Stock Picture Frame Magnet Item# MGSPFL
as low as $0.96
High Sierra® Atomic Travel Alarm Clock Item# 8050-44
as low as $19.34
Ladies' 5.8 oz., 2x1 Rib Tank Item# 4000
as low as $4.97
TranSport It Tote Item# AP8400
as low as $5.95
Neo Laptop Sleeve Item# AP3160
as low as $9.73
Alicia Klein® Passport Cover Item# 3000-62
as low as $9.67
Case Logic® Airline Technology Set Item# 1350-26
as low as $26.12
Jotter Item# 6001-66
as low as $2.31
The Sizzler™ Oven Mitt Item# BT-5622
as low as $15.68
Ladies' 4.2 oz. V-Neck Item# B6005
as low as $6.47
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Satin Chrome Item# 7550-20
as low as $18.38
Case Logic® Flash Drive Travel Case Item# 1691-26
as low as $4.83
Spin Doctor Writing Pad Item# AP4010
as low as $9.11
Slazenger® Golf Rangefinder Item# 6050-51
as low as $16.92
Wide Body Message Pen Item# CSWBMES
as low as $1.38
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Black Ice Item# 7550-22
as low as $24.18
Tasty™ Lunch Tote Item# BT-5626
as low as $19.66
Tagline Promotional Padfolio Item# AP4020
as low as $14.82
Zippo® Mini Auto Safety Flashlight Item# 7550-35
as low as $25.15
Scripto® Triangle Highlighter Item# 6001-42
as low as $0.96
Gourmet Getaway™ Lunch Tote Item# BT-5628
as low as $17.77
Bic® Grip Roller Promotional Pen Item# GRB
as low as $0.97
Spin Doctor Jotter Item# AP4070
as low as $2.26
Groove Ball Pen Item# GWB
as low as $0.49
Intensity Clic Gel Pen Item# ICLGEL
as low as $1.96
Alicia Klein® Deluxe Padfolio Item# 3000-10
as low as $24.18
K3A Mag-Lite Solitaire Flashlight Item# 89000
as low as $11.11
Madison Padfolio Item# AP4310
as low as $10.25
M3A Mini Mag-Lite Flashlight Item# 89010
as low as $15.44
Visibly Vertical Brief Item# AP3100
as low as $7.05
Alicia Klein® Deluxe Zippered Padfolio Item# 3000-11
as low as $24.18
Lighter With Child Guard Item# LTR
as low as $1.46
Wenger® Deluxe Ballistic Journal Item# 9355-06
as low as $24.18
Fabric Mouse Pad Item# MP1
as low as $2.85
Write Bros Ball Pen Item# WBB
as low as $0.31
10 Item# Bt-5708
as low as $22.27
Dri-FIT Swoosh Visor Item# 429466
as low as $13.22
Round Fabric Mousepad Item# MP4
as low as $1.40
Retro Camp Shirt Item# S300
as low as $21.16
Rambler™ Lunch Bag Item# BT-5706
as low as $12.56
Mccarthy Jr. Writing Pad Item# AP4640
as low as $5.26
Zippo® 3-in-1 Thermo Flask Item# 7550-56
as low as $24.18
Easy Care Camp Shirt Item# S535
as low as $21.16
Express™ Lunch Bag Item# BT-5704
as low as $11.48
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Translucent Red Item# 7550-58
as low as $19.34
Slazenger® Drop-Bottom Custom Backpack Item# 6050-56
as low as $11.60
Alicia Klein® Journal Item# 3000-20
as low as $14.50
Six-Pack Tote Item# BT-5632
as low as $16.73
2 3/8 Item# NC2A
as low as $3.72
Touch Case Item# 3000-70
as low as $17.41
Two-Bottle Tote Item# BT-5633
as low as $12.53
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Street Chrome Item# 7550-18
as low as $16.44
Aviator Sunglasses Item# 1070-36
as low as $17.41
Element Gel Pen Item# EPG
as low as $1.26
3 Item# NC3A
as low as $4.45
Title Track Custom Backpack Item# AP5710
as low as $9.60
Breeze Gel Pen Item# BTG
as low as $1.16
Rolltop Lunch Bag Item# BT-5679
as low as $27.21
Spirit Gel Pen Item# SFWG
as low as $0.80
High Sierra® 15-Function Multi-Tool Item# 8051-02
as low as $25.15
Sandwich Bag Item# BT-5680
as low as $7.29
Zippo® 8 oz. Hip Flask Item# 7550-03
as low as $17.41
InkJoy Retractable Pen Item# IJ300RT
as low as $0.42
Everyday Tote Item# BT-5677
as low as $27.21
InkJoy Stick Pen Item# IJ300ST
as low as $0.37
One Bottle Messenger Tote Item# BT-5681
as low as $23.02
Loop Hole Lunch Cooler Item# AP7170
as low as $6.15
Flair Item# FLAIR
as low as $1.23
Rolltop Bottle Tote 20-30 Ounce Item# BT-5682
as low as $16.73
Icy Bright Lunch Sack Item# AP7410
as low as $4.58
Design Item# DSGN
as low as $2.55
Cinch Sack Item# TG0274
as low as $18.19
Icy Bright Cooler Tote Item# AP7470
as low as $11.06
Zippo® Promotional Travel Mug Item# 1622-25
as low as $12.38
Madison Jr. Writing Pad Item# AP4340
as low as $6.81
Pique Knit Sport Shirt Item# K420
as low as $14.10
Media Clic Mechanical Pencil Item# PMRMC
as low as $0.74
3 Item# P3A3A25ECO
as low as $0.46
3 Item# P3A3A50
as low as $0.72
3 Item# P3A3A50ECO
as low as $0.80
Ladies Tech Pique Polo Item# L527
as low as $19.75
Silk Touch Tipped Polo Item# K502
as low as $16.93
Tech Pique Polo Item# K527
as low as $19.75
The Big Chill Cooler Item# AP7600
as low as $4.03
Alpine Crest Lunch Cooler Item# AP7770
as low as $6.76
Sweet Spot Lunch Cooler Item# AP7900
as low as $5.03
Double Stitch Logo Tote Bag Item# AP8070
as low as $4.68
Standing Room Only Tote Item# AP8090
as low as $4.71
Double Pocket Zippered Tote Item# AP8180
as low as $5.21
Intelli-tote Item# AP8200
as low as $6.52
Sea Breeze Tote Bag Item# AP8210
as low as $13.05
Wave Runner Logo Tote Bag Item# AP8630
as low as $3.95
Double Or Nothing Tote Item# AP8850
as low as $7.61
Jr. Zippered Padfolio Item# 9355-07
as low as $14.02
4 Item# P4A4A100
as low as $1.82
Zippered Padfolio Item# 9355-12
as low as $19.34
4 Item# P4A4A25
as low as $0.56
High Sierra® Promotional Travel Mug Item# 8051-03
as low as $8.50
4 Item# P4A4A50
as low as $1.02
Brite Liner Grip Highlighter Item# BLG
as low as $0.83
Writing Pad Bundle Set Item# 1355-02
as low as $19.34
24 Item# 8051-89
as low as $25.15
Clic Stic Ice Pen Item# CSI
as low as $0.65
2 3/8 Item# SNC2A
as low as $4.97
iPad Notebook Item# 9355-15
as low as $24.18
3 Item# SNC3B
as low as $3.30
Wide Body Ice W/ Rubber Grip Pen Item# CSWBIG
as low as $1.07
Wide Body Chrome W/ Grip Pen Item# CSWBMG
as low as $1.40
3 Item# SND3A25
as low as $0.49
4 Item# SND4B25
as low as $0.84
5 Item# SND5A25
as low as $0.74
Velocity Gel Pen Item# VGEL
as low as $1.52
WideBody® Promotional Message Pen Item# CSWBMESB
as low as $1.44
Tri Stic Pen Item# TSB
as low as $0.68
Tri-Tone Convention Tote Bag Item# AP8110
as low as $3.23

Take your advertising efforts to the next level with brand name items. An organization’s personality is a lot more than just name recognition. The capability exists to represent a complete identity of a company in the minds of consumers, a symbolic construct of the information and expectations of its products or services. By pairing your own name with that of an already-recognizable and well-respected company, you can reap the benefits of their successful marketing campaigns. With certain names holding such strong influences on today's public perceptions, recipients of your products produced by well-known companies are likely to align your name to not only the product, but to the reputation of the company who produced it. At Pinnacle Promotions, we have a large selection of brand name items, encompassing many different categories of products. Find the right one for your identity today!

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