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Book Binder Compressed T-shirt
Book Binder Compressed T-shirt
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Promotional Compressed T Shirts

Giving away promotional compressed t shirts adds a unique spin to the practice of distributing more traditional t-shirts, yet has the same effectiveness when it comes to increasing brand awareness and generating new customers. These one-of-a-kind t-shirts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, all of which can be imprinted with a company logo. In addition, many promotional products t shirts are made in the USA, which is an increasing trend for consumer goods and giveaways.

Unique Advantages of Promotional Compressed T Shirts

T-shirts are some of the most popular promotional giveaways, so giving compressed t-shirts is an easy way to add a unique twist to a more traditional item. In fact, distributing promotional compressed t shirts can really create excitement about your brand, especially with a younger target market. One idea for distributing promotional compressed t shirts is to tailor them according to a particular marketing campaign. Planning to release a new, environmentally-friendly product line? Perhaps try giving out t-shirts in the shape of a plant or a tree in order to generate buzz and positive press. Another popular idea is to create compressed t shirts in the shape of your company's logo; this intriguing giveaway and unique shape will reinforce your brand in recipients' minds. Other, more standard, shapes for compressed t-shirts include square with rounded corners, round, and flag-shaped. All of theses different shapes are available in an assortment of colors, so organizations can find the perfect items to match their brand guidelines.

Promotional Compressed T Shirts Increase ROI

Not only are promotional compressed t shirts more fun and original than traditional t shirts that companies give away, they can also produce a higher return on investment. Like traditional t shirts, compressed shirts allow organizations to imprint their logo on the apparel items themselves; however, companies can also insert a business card, coupon, or added promotion underneath the packaging of the compressed shirt. Restaurants or bars could distribute these packaged shirts on special occasions and include a coupon with return incentives. Including a special offer or promotion with promotional products giveaways is an easy and cost-efficient way to maximize the revenue garnered from distributions.

How to Distribute Promotional Compressed T Shirts

Due to their compact nature, promotional compressed t shirts are ideal handouts at sports games and other events. Sometimes, companies and sponsors even shoot compressed t- shirts out of spud guns as a form of fun and entertainment during half time at ball games. These promotional products t shirts also make great giveaways at industry trade shows. Recipients ball up traditional t shirts in their hands, making it difficult for other attendees to see the imprinted logo, even if they carry the giveaway around the event. Promotional compressed t shirts, on the other hand, display a company's imprint for all passersby to see. As a result, other people at the event will inquire about where the recipients received these items and the recipients will direct them to your trade show booth.

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