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Brookstone Bluetooth Pop-Up Speaker
Brookstone Bluetooth Pop-Up Speaker
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An Imprinted Desktop Radio to Keep Your Audience “Tuned In”

Despite the advent of mp3 players, smartphones and tablet computers, promotional desktop radios remain popular giveaways for companies of all sizes. Technology now allows news to be shared across a variety of platforms, but radios are a consistently popular way of sharing information and music with the general public. During emergency situations when power supplies are low or nonexistent or even as a secondary source of news to the Internet, an imprinted desktop radio is a useful item for professionals to have close at hand. From promotional desktop radios shaped like cubes to multifunctional promotional desk radios that double as portable speakers, any variety of imprinted desktop radio serves as an effective medium to publicize your brand’s desired marketing message. Whenever recipients glance at the time or adjust the tuner on their handy promotional desktop radios, they will be reminded of the organization responsible for providing them with such a practical gift. Even when promotional desktop radios are not in use, their mere presence increases awareness for your company’s products and/or services as they rest in end users’ cubicles, offices, or homes.

Promotional Desk Radios: Appropriate for All Generations

Promotional desktop radios evolved from Thomas Edison’s original 19th century invention. Like most household objects, advertisers eventually realized the potential branding opportunities for radios, and following over a century of technological advancements, marketers can now purchase and customize promotional desktop radios to incorporate into their outreach campaigns. Promotional desktop radios are ideal products to offer as incentives for customer loyalty programs or they can even boost employee retention rates when featured in staff recognition and awards activities. People of all ages are familiar with the functionality of promotional desk radios, not to mention people representing a multitude of nationalities. Even children and teens appreciate the applications of promotional desktop radios, as they are invaluable tools to bring on camping trips and other outdoor adventures. The versatility of promotional desktop radios as campaign giveaways ensures that they will continue to garner a high number of impressions long after recipients take possession of them.

24/7 News and Music With Promotional Desktop Radios

Individuals and families around the world trust promotional desktop radios to keep them informed of inclement weather, natural disasters, and breaking news at all times. Also, listeners can rely on promotional desktop radios to stay in the loop about sporting events and scores, listen to various genres and styles of music, and enjoy radio talk shows dedicated to a number of topics and hobbies. Promotional desktop radios are typically powered by batteries, which can be easily and affordably replaced. Alternative radios and audio devices often require electricity to run, and therefore are less easily transported and not nearly as dependable as battery powered promotional desktop radios. The lightweight, compact designs of promotional desktop radios are ideal for tailgating events, beach trips, and other group activities. Additionally, promotional desk radios can be customized with your brand’s name and logo to comprise a memorable, sensible gift item.

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