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Portly Padlock Silicone Luggage Tag
Portly Padlock Silicone Luggage Tag
Item UQ1106
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The unique purpose of custom dog tags was constant for hundreds of years. But in recent years, imprinted identification markers were embraced by the public for their ability to display specific information. Personal identification data, often including vital medical information, is a popular and potentially life-saving way to use these items both on and off the battlefield. Usually manufactured from durable, corrosion-resistant metals or materials, they keep your message legible and intact no matter how roughly the wearer treats them. Typically worn around the neck on a chain or lanyard these products have become popular and stylish way for people to express themselves as well as display affiliations. So whether you need custom dog tags to communicate a personal belief, name, or marketing message, the prominence of these products will ensure that your message receives optimal exposure, no matter what.

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