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EarthSmart Items
Green is the new black.

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Eco Mini Spiral Notebook & Pen Item# KP2445
as low as $2.50
Eco-Element Ball Pen Item# EEWB
as low as $1.15
Soy Lip Balm in Oval Tube Item# ZLBSWOT
as low as $1.31
Recycled Rubber Pet Mat Item# 607-6086
as low as $1.32
Recycled Note & Flag Set Item# VS1313
as low as $1.63
The Forest Round Highlighter Item# 362
as low as $0.67
Recycled Flyers Item# 99-Humphrey
as low as $0.83
Laminated 100% Recycled Grocery Tote Item# 1768
as low as $2.99
Solar Safety Light Promotional Key Chain Item# PL-4018
as low as $2.98
Flower Pot Set Item# 1GROWPT
as low as $1.86
Stylus/ Recycled Notebook Combo Item# CPP-3350
as low as $1.44
Eco-Green Paper Barrel Pen Item# PL-1618
as low as $0.53
PolyPro Convention Tote Item# 2150-04
as low as $1.26
Twister Promotional Travel Mug Item# 4000
as low as $2.11
The Earth's Best Pencil Item# EBP
as low as $0.22
3 Item# P3A3A25ECO
as low as $0.46
Promo Planter Item# 07001
as low as $2.56
Mini Recycled Promotional Jotter Item# MP778
as low as $1.99
Oasis Recycled Bottle Highlighter Item# 364
as low as $0.48
Eco Pocket Coolie Item# 100ECO
as low as $0.89
Recycled Cardboard Mousepad Item# 4060-10
as low as $2.02
Lil’ Bloomer™ Bookmark Item# PB1-A
as low as $0.62
A-Maize Twist (Corn Pen) Item# 6620-03
as low as $0.76
Corrugated Business Card Magnet Item# CBC1
as low as $0.25
Surfside Custom Water Bottle Item# SM-6804
as low as $1.89
Recycled Note Paper Mousepad Item# MPP25ECO
as low as $2.99
Lil' Bloomer™ Postcard Item# PPB
as low as $0.70
Two Tone Eco Notebook & Stylus Item# CPP-3380
as low as $2.37
Evolve 16 Oz Gt Tumbler Item# EGTT
as low as $2.50
Pop-a-Bud Promotional Seed Set Item# DR1001NC
as low as $2.49
Essence Bamboo Desk Buddy Item# 6124
as low as $1.93
Verdi Highlighter Item# EC113
as low as $0.83
Expression Planter, 1-Pack Planter Item# 07011
as low as $2.46
A-Maize Mini Gel Pen Item# 6620-09
as low as $0.95
Laminated Non-woven Shopper Tote Item# 3335
as low as $1.74
12 oz. Recycled Roadmate Tumbler Item# 615G
as low as $2.16
The Eco Perfect Bound Notebook & Pen Item# SM-3448
as low as $2.89
Zippy® Corn Direct Imprint Letter Opener Item# QP-CP102
as low as $0.87
Recycled Paper Tote Bag Item# B-535
as low as $1.92
Eco-Coolie™ - Four-Color Process Item# 100ECO-4CP
as low as $1.60
MousePaper® Note Paper Mouse Pad Item# MPCCO
as low as $2.27
Evolution Click Item# 1055-28
as low as $0.68
Recycled Yo-Yo Item# 44H
as low as $0.92
Talking Relax Pen Item# JFCALM
as low as $2.49
Economy Non Woven Tote Bag Item# 3330
as low as $1.01
Eco Coolie ™ Zippered Bottle Coolie Item# 115ECO
as low as $2.07
Pocket Eco-Note Promotional Jotter Item# PL-3756
as low as $0.95
Talking Have a Great Day Pen Item# JFHEY
as low as $2.49
Evolveª 20 Ounce Water Bottle Item# 5880
as low as $1.15
Talking Appreciation Pen Item# JFWOW
as low as $2.37
Evolve 20 Oz Fitness Bottle Item# BB20
as low as $1.20
Evolveª 28 Ounce Water Bottle Item# 5888
as low as $1.20
Eco Buy Write Pencil Item# ECBW
as low as $0.20
3 Item# P3A3A50ECO
as low as $0.80
Pietra Stone Paper Recycled Notepad Item# EC525
as low as $2.90
Kiva Ballpoint Pen Item# BT6100
as low as $1.50
Eco Safe 24 oz. Custom Water Bottle Item# PL-3751
as low as $1.31
Evolve 28 Oz Fitness Bottle Item# BB28
as low as $1.28
Boschi Ii Junior Notebook & Pen Item# KP2426
as low as $2.80
The Forest Rectangular Highlighter Item# 360
as low as $0.67
Bamboo Twist Pen Item# 675
as low as $0.76
Go Green Grocery Bag Organizer Item# 1815
as low as $1.63
Zippy® Corn Plastic Letter Opener Item# QP-CP193
as low as $1.04
Evolve Twister Mug Item# 4000E
as low as $2.24
Travis Recycled Notebook Item# EC3210
as low as $2.22
4 oz. Paper Cup Item# PC4W
as low as $0.24
4 oz. Foam Cup Item# SC4
as low as $0.20
10 oz. Foam Cup Item# S10
as low as $0.22
Contrast Paperboard Eco Journal Item# NB126
as low as $1.73
12 oz. Foam Cup Item# S12
as low as $0.22
Recycled Color Cover Spiral Notebook Item# MP977
as low as $2.99
9 oz. Colored Paper Cup Item# PC9
as low as $0.42
Multi-Shape Mini-Gift Pack Item# MSSGP-ED
as low as $1.34
Earth Day Seed Paper Mini-Gift Pack Item# SSGP-ED
as low as $0.60
Eco Friendly Custom Sunglasses Item# 6229
as low as $1.41
Jenny 10-inch Kraft Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Item# 11ECO814
as low as $0.46
Deluxe Non Woven Logo Bag Item# 1760
as low as $1.99

To do our part to assist with environmental conservation, Pinnacle Promotions trademarked a line of EarthSmart™ recycled products. This collection consists entirely of eco-friendly items made from natural, organic or reusable materials that inflict minimal to no harm on the environment. And with each and every purchase from our EarthSmart™ category, Pinnacle Promotions contributes one percent of your order to 1% for the Planet. This international network of more than 1,700 environmental organizations is committed to raising and distributing funds to non-profit groups in need across the globe. Additionally, in today’s world, environmental concerns continue to be at the forefront of both consumer and corporate interests. So show your clients, employees, and executives that you mean business with EarthSmart™ recycled products.

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