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Easy Care and Wrinkle Resistant

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Promotional Easy Care Wrinkle Resistant Shirts

Promotional easy care wrinkle resistant shirts are the perfect solution for outfitting your employees in branded apparel while making sure they maintain a clean, professional appearance. Your employees are like personal representations of your brand and you should ensure that they represent it in a positive manner. With promotional easy care wrinkle resistant shirts you will know that they will always look their best when embodying your brand – your employees will surely be happy too knowing they do not need to iron their clothing for work! Additionally, these polo shirts are manufactured in a special way to make sure they maintain their professional appearance. Some of the sport shirts have an anti-curl collar that resists pilling, fading, wrinkling and shrinking. Some promotional easy care wrinkle resistant shirts have even been proven in independent lab tests to maintain their appearance after up to 20 washes!

The Road to Promotional Easy Care Wrinkle Resistant Shirts

America was first introduced to the fabric polyester in the 1950s and it soon became a very popular material for clothing because it never wrinkles and washes well. With that convenience, polyester clothing flourished throughout the 1960s and the 1970s. These days however, especially with the onset of the eco-movement, people are tending to opt for natural materials instead, yet still want the convenience of the wrinkle-free characteristics of polyester. This led to the development of promotional easy care wrinkle resistant shirts like the ones we see today. Made of 100% cotton or a cotton/ poly blend, these promotional easy care wrinkle resistant shirts are more lightweight than their polyester counterparts and better for the environment, but still maintain that wrinkle-free professional appearance throughout the whole day. Additionally, many of these shirts are also stain-resistant so that they repel liquids and thus extend the life of the fabric while still retaining the fabric’s natural softness. This can be especially important for those companies whose workers are in situations that are prone to spills such as the restaurant or catering industries. This can even help your company to save money if you are responsible for cleaning your employees’ apparel because these shirts will clean nicely in a normal washing machine and do not need to be sent to a professional dry cleaning company.

A Wide Selection of Promotional Easy Care Wrinkle Resistant Shirts

There are tons of different promotional easy care wrinkle resistant shirts on the market today now that the technology for manufacturing them has continued to improve. Purchasers can choose from a variety of men’s styles, sizes and colors that also have coordinating ladies shirts with gently contoured silhouettes. They even come in youth sizes too. There are also options of different sleeve lengths and those with striped trims on the collar and cuff. And of course companies can customize their promotional easy care wrinkle resistant shirts to their liking by embroidering their company name, logo, and even the wearer’s name on the sleeves, the front, or the back.

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