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Men's 6.1 oz. Ringspun Garment-Dyed T-Shirt
Comfort Colors Men's 6.1 oz. Ringspun Garment-Dyed T-Shirt
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Make an Impression with Fashion T Shirts

Custom tee shirts are one of the easiest and most effective ways to capture the hearts of consumers and make strong impressions on your target market. When was the last time you and your friends received custom tee shirts at a sporting event, festival, or parade? I’m sure they didn’t come easily to you – you probably had to enter a contest, play a game, push someone out of the way, or exchange your personal contact information in order to take home your custom shirt. You may have even done one or more of these things for a shirt that didn’t necessarily have a design you liked, and it may not have been in your size, but simply for the triumph of emerging from an event with one more piece of apparel than you entered with. Nine and a half out of ten people will tell you that they really only want to have the barrel of three types of guns pointing at them at any time in their lives: squirt guns, marshmallow guns, and t-shirt guns. People under the age of seven may also endorse bubble guns, but those tend to be stickier than the ones that spit out custom tee shirts at their victims. Of course, the popularity of t-shirt guns only goes up exponentially when the custom tee shirts they fire off are trendy, fashion forward, and fun to wear.

What Should You Ask for in Exchange for a Custom Trendy Shirt?

Some people would sell their souls for custom tee shirts, but in most scenarios such a large commitment is not necessary. Your brand might be spending an extra dollar or two on custom tee shirts that are more trendy and attractive than traditional, run of the mill shirts, which means that you will need to make up the difference by getting something valuable from recipients in exchange. To determine what that something should be, you first need to decide what is valuable to your company and therefore what you would like to get in exchange for custom tee shirts. If much of your business is conducted on the Internet and you send out many targeted email marketing pieces, perhaps all you need to get in exchange for your custom tee shirts are a few email addresses. If your organization is a suicide hotline or a call-in companion service, maybe getting a recipient’s phone number is your best bet. Or perhaps you run a non-profit that is focused on driving awareness and garnering interest in your cause; you could offer teenagers some cool custom tee shirts in exchange for their signing a pledge that they will not engage in dangerous activities like drinking and driving or having relations before or after a high school prom. Furthermore, if your custom tee shirts are so well designed and trendy that you can sell them to consumers, this might be your best bet. Depending on your marketing goals, custom tee shirts can be distributed and utilized in these and a number of other ways.

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