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Elite Series Dri-FIT Ottoman Bonded Polo
Nike Golf Elite Series Dri-FIT Ottoman Bonded Polo
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Elite Series Dri-FIT Heather Fine Line Bonded Polo
Nike Golf Elite Series Dri-FIT Heather Fine Line Bonded Polo
Item 429438
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Elite Series Dri-FIT Vertical Texture Bonded Polo
Nike Golf Elite Series Dri-FIT Vertical Texture Bonded Polo
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Outfit Your Team in Style with Fashion Golf Apparel

Representatives of many businesses and organizations from a wide variety of industries and geographical areas play in corporate golf tournaments every year, and if you’re among them, it’s important to make sure that you represent your group professionally and impressively in custom apparel such as embroidered fashion polos imprinted with your brand’s logo. Furthermore, if your company is the one that is organizing a golf outing for a combination of recreation and networking that is difficult to emulate anywhere but between the greens, it is essential that your staff and executives are outfitted well in embroidered fashion polos that proudly display the name of your organization; this is just the first of many steps to planning a successful tournament, but it is certainly an important one.

Planning a Tournament Begins with Fashion Golf Shirts

If your organization is planning a golf tournament for profit, for charity, or for networking purposes, there are a number of steps that you’ll need to take in order to ensure its success; the first of these is selecting an internal committee to plan and execute the event, and there’s no better way to make them feel appreciated and authoritative than with embroidered fashion polos custom printed with your brand’s logo. Next, your committee will need to determine the size of the tournament, where the outing will be held, and the tournament format, all of which are dependent on the number of guests you expect to participate. You will then need to determine your budget and whether you will provide all of your participants with food, drink, embroidered fashion polos, and other commemorative items, as well as whether you will award a prize to the top individual or team. You might decide to charge participants an entrance fee to help cover your budget, or you may host them at no cost to their organization in order to encourage participation and foster warm feelings toward your company.

Embroidered Fashion Polos Make Great Corporate Tournament Prizes

Choosing prizes to be distributed at your organization’s corporate golf tournament can be a daunting task. You want to decide on something that won’t blow your budget but that winners will still appreciate; that will encourage participants to be competitive without sacrificing the elements of fun and enjoyment you surely hope will characterize your event. One way to compile a number of prizes without breaking your budget is to solicit donations from participating organizations and local businesses or companies who may operate within your industry. When you encourage groups such as these to donate embroidered fashion polos or other gifts, let them know that this will provide them with an opportunity to increase their brand’s visibility at a high profile event in your community. Including a variety of high quality gifts, embroidered fashion polos and other items in a gift basket to be presented to the winning group ensures that every member of the team gets a prize.

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