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Bic 2 3/8" Adhesive Cube
Item SNC2A
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In an age of economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for banks to communicate their reliability to customers and financial items can help do just that. These products spread the name of your bank to ears all over and therefore create exposure for your brand. That way, Jane Doe has already heard of your bank when she needs to set up an account, and is therefore more likely to come to you because she’s seen your name on pens and letter openers and other financial items. Once she sets up her account, you can reassure her that she made the right decision by presenting her with a bag full of goodies with your logo on them. She will feel grateful to you for the free gifts, and she is likely to take home the products and share them with friends and family. When someone feels a sense of gratitude toward you for even a small gift, they are likely to speak positively about their experience to others.

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