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Promotional Fleece Apparel Benefits

Not only is promotional fleece apparel stylish, but fleece is arguably one of the best fabrics to use for warmth, comfort, and efficiency. Fleece is a synthetic fiber created to mimic and even surpass the quality of wool, that means no more itching and wallet breaking, dry-cleaning bills. Since the fabric is made form Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, fleece is one of the lightest fabrics that still efficiently insulates and is easy to wash. Stay stylish, warm, and dry while promoting your company this winter season.

Fitting Promotional Fleece Apparel into a Corporate and or Active Wardrobe

The versatility of promotional fleece apparel is endless.  Recipients find custom fleece jackets and vests practical because of its comfort and function. Fleece apparel offers an added benefit for athletes, because it maximizes performance through its functional design. Wear promotional fleece apparel to the gym, or while running errands to promote your company. It’s synthetic fibers actively wick moisture away form the body, while offering warmth and breath-ability. Similarly, fleece is a great fabric for layering. Products comes in a variety of thicknesses, so staying warm and light while being active is comfortable and functional. Fleece’s synthetic fibers also make promotional fleece apparel ideal for wear and tear. Unlike wool or down, fleece apparel can be thrown in with the regular laundry. Its durable synthetic fibers can handle normal spin cycles. Concerned about lifestyles over function? Then choose promotional fleece apparel to aid those allergic to wool, or those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle. Much of the micro-fleece today is created by recycled plastic bottles and other fibers. Currently, companies are realizing the importance of aligning their corporate message with socially responsible practices. Custom fleece jackets are a great option to promote health and consideration in any environment. Make sure to fit every-one's lifestyle needs this winter season by giving promotional fleece apparel.

Use Promotional Fleece Apparel to Promote and Sponsor

Distributing promotional fleece apparel is a stylish, versatile way to bring awareness to any company or sponsorship. Trying to find a way to promote company sponsors? Embroider the company logo on league or corporate apparel. Companies that participate in intramural sports, or various leagues searching for a cohesive look should consider custom fleece jackets and vests. Companies can extend the impact of their advertising dollars on and off the field. Similarly, youth sports leagues will wear their custom fleece apparel in pride through out the community. Available in a wide variety, leagues and corporations are sure to find the right style to match their promotional marketing needs.

Promotional Fleece Apparel Fits every Budget

Companies do not have to break the bank to impress clients and employees, promotional fleece apparel is one of the best items to give on a budget. Fleece is readily available and easily manufactured making it an affordable but luxurious gift. This highly valued gift will be sure to impress and establish company names with clients and business associates alike.

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