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Rubik's® Cube 9-Panel Promotional Toy Item# PL-4685
as low as $6.68
Metropolitan Business Card Holder Item# 1020-25
as low as $9.67
Micro Rubik's® Cube Key Holder Item# PL-4455
as low as $2.98
Plush Big Paw Bear With Shirt Item# 1200
as low as $6.30
Thumbs Up Stress Ball Item# SB432
as low as $1.88
Happy Mood Dude® Stress Reliever Item# PL-0412
as low as $1.98
Convertible Stress Reliever Item# PL-0326
as low as $1.82
Jelly Smacker® Stress Ball Item# 07023
as low as $2.81
Policeman stress ball Item# SB102
as low as $1.92
Hi-Low Stress Ball Item# SB738
as low as $1.82
Express Train Stress Ball Item# SB715
as low as $1.73
Doctor Stress Ball Item# 40284
as low as $3.08
Hard Hat Stress Ball Item# 40322
as low as $1.92
Healthcare Worker Stress Ball Item# 40283
as low as $3.08
Solace Suction Catch Item# 1450-68
as low as $3.47
Full Color Logo Projection Key Tag Item# 1838
as low as $5.34
Icon Action Dice Item# 1521-17
as low as $10.54
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Satin Chrome Item# 7550-20
as low as $18.38
a.Roma™ Ball Item# 03203
as low as $3.49
Computer Talking Stress Reliever Item# JFSQZCMPT
as low as $1.99
Fireman stress ball Item# SB103
as low as $1.92
BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter Item# MPLTR
as low as $5.67
Zebra Stress Ball Item# SB984
as low as $2.11
Original Gripp Stress Ball Item# 010101
as low as $3.41
Mountain Stress Ball Item# SB666
as low as $2.11
Par 3 Golf Item# 1750-05
as low as $8.70
Photovision Orbit Key Ring Item# PVORBIT
as low as $1.78
Its a Small World Keyholder Item# K456
as low as $6.84
A-Ha! Item# 6640-17
as low as $2.41
Guitar Stress Ball Item# SB979
as low as $1.82
Capitol Dome Stress Ball Item# SB975
as low as $1.73
Robot Stress Ball Item# SB635
as low as $1.92
Doctor Stress Ball Item# SB598
as low as $1.82
Curved Metal Key Tag Item# KC250
as low as $2.49
Executive Business Card Case Item# 1025-23
as low as $9.67
Moo Keyring Item# K-K04
as low as $4.87
Deluxe Poker Set Item# 45385
as low as $41.68
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Black Matte Item# 7550-26
as low as $18.38
Rhino Stress Ball Item# SB958
as low as $1.82
Health #1 Talking Stress Reliever Item# JFSQZHLTH
as low as $1.99
Truck Stress Reliever Item# PL-0226
as low as $2.31
Metal Flashlight With Carabiner Item# SM-2364
as low as $1.73
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Black Ice Item# 7550-22
as low as $24.18
Elephant Stress Ball Item# SB985
as low as $2.30
Police Car Stress Ball Item# SB704
as low as $1.82
Magic Answer Ball Item# PL-4575
as low as $3.78
Photovision Medallion Key Ring Item# PVMKR
as low as $1.78
Charity Key Holder Item# 1020-04
as low as $3.18
Compass Key Ring Item# 2089
as low as $1.93
Micro Cha Cha keychain Item# 060103
as low as $1.76
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Brush Chrome Item# 7550-19
as low as $17.41
Snowman Stress Ball Item# SB960
as low as $1.82
Motorcycle Stress Ball Item# SB710
as low as $1.92
Bungee Rocket™ Item# 090201
as low as $2.10
Fuori Keyring Item# EK1023
as low as $2.50
Brushed Plate Key Ring Item# SM-2386
as low as $1.92
Vallate Poker Set Item# EG5003
as low as $28.52
Turtle Stress Ball Item# SB767
as low as $1.92
Gripp II Stress Ball Item# 010102
as low as $3.15
Portly Padlock Silicone Luggage Tag Item# UQ1106
as low as $3.98
Leather / Silver Key Ring Item# SM-2396
as low as $1.83
Tapah Business Card Case Item# EB1009
as low as $11.95
Playing Card Set Item# 7232
as low as $4.12
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Street Chrome Item# 7550-18
as low as $16.44
Bumble Bee Stress Ball Item# SB577
as low as $1.92
Gravity Gripp Stress Ball Item# 010103
as low as $4.10
Desktop Basketball Globe Game Item# PL-3926
as low as $7.98
Aluminum Carabiner Light Item# 115
as low as $1.78
Shutter Keyring Item# K-K15
as low as $4.94
FireSide Playing Card Set with Dominos Item# 1400-38
as low as $23.69
Spider Stress Ball Item# SB698
as low as $1.98
Relax Stress Reliever Item# JFSQZMAN
as low as $2.67
Tank Stress Ball Item# SB832
as low as $1.73
Fin (3-in-1 Bottle Opener) Item# 6690-05
as low as $1.92
Photovision Circle Key Ring Item# PVCKR
as low as $1.98
Tere Keyring Item# EK6005
as low as $4.12
Zippo® Windproof Lighter Translucent Red Item# 7550-58
as low as $19.34
Barn Stress Ball Item# SB675
as low as $1.82
Medical Man Stress Reliever Item# JFSQZNRS
as low as $1.89
Lil' Cha Cha Item# 060102
as low as $1.95
3/4 Item# AKCS34.CAR
as low as $2.34
BIC Electronic Lighter Item# J38
as low as $2.33
Pig Stress Ball Item# SB526
as low as $1.82
Couro Business Card Case Item# EB3007
as low as $16.95
Solar Safety Light Promotional Key Chain Item# PL-4018
as low as $2.98
Hoot Keyring Item# K-K26
as low as $5.14
Goofy Guy Lip Balm Item# JFGOOFLBLM
as low as $2.00
Our Service Rocks Stress Ball Item# JFSQZROX
as low as $2.67
Biru Keyring Item# EK1026
as low as $2.31
Lil Zoofari Giraffe Stuffed Animal Item# 53107AF
as low as $9.20
Regolo I Business Card Case Item# EB3011
as low as $4.71
Multi-Function Carabiner Tool Item# 5550
as low as $3.67
Double Trouble Item# 6621-21
as low as $1.73
Lil Zoofari Lion Stuffed Animal Item# 53407AF
as low as $8.15
Horse Stress Ball Item# SB957
as low as $1.92
Mobile Phone Lounger Item# PL-4501
as low as $2.95
Football Rocket Item# 090225
as low as $1.81
Lindos Series Business Card Holder Item# ED1000
as low as $8.95
Owl Stress Ball Item# SB843
as low as $1.73
Shopping Cart Stress Ball Item# SB753
as low as $1.73
Cigarette Box Stress Ball Item# SB511
as low as $1.92
Bright Idea Bottle Opener Key Light Item# FA1130
as low as $1.99
Mini Basketball & Hoop Set Item# 54H
as low as $6.77
Calculator/business Card Holder Item# SM-3105
as low as $1.73
MoMA DOT Keyholder Item# M-K140
as low as $7.57
Lifestyle 7-in-1 Desktop Game Set Item# 1400-56
as low as $26.02
Bull Stress Ball Item# SB633
as low as $1.82
Boogie Bot™ Personalized Toy Item# 081500
as low as $2.88
Linea Series Business Card Holder Item# ED7000
as low as $7.95
Lil Zoofari Tiger Stuffed Animal Item# 53307AF
as low as $9.20
Alligator Stress Ball Item# SB800
as low as $1.73
Big Graham Promotional Teddy Bear Item# 13312AF
as low as $13.50
22 Item# MYR22
as low as $2.43
2 In 1 Key Tag/business Card Holder Item# 4831
as low as $3.34
Quack Keyring Item# K-K07
as low as $4.87
Morph Grocery Tote Casino Item# 7036-CAS
as low as $3.80
Tangle® Stress Reliever Item# PL-2344
as low as $3.38
Roomarang® Boomerang Item# 090301
as low as $1.99
Double Trouble Billboard Key Ring Item# KC0401
as low as $2.49
Tinta Keyring Item# EK1015
as low as $1.92
Skeda I Business Card Case Item# EB1006
as low as $3.95
Dakota Lip Balm In Tin Item# LB600
as low as $2.23
Illuminator LED Key Light Item# 1220-31
as low as $2.41
Snorkel Guy Lip Balm Item# JFSNRKBLM
as low as $1.74
Dogbert Stress Reliever Item# LDB-DG06
as low as $2.23
Flipper Keyring Item# K-K17
as low as $4.87
Catbert Stress Reliever Item# LDB-CB06
as low as $2.23
Micro 1 Led Torch/key Light Item# PL-4396
as low as $2.49
Ribbit Keyring Item# K-K12
as low as $4.94
Perplexia Master Pyramid Item# 1240-03
as low as $5.50
Sploosh Ball Item# 090390
as low as $2.99
Lusterdome® Key Tag Item# PL-0430
as low as $3.95
Key Shaped Keylight Item# 6621-36
as low as $3.18
Micro Speaker Cube Item# R115
as low as $5.98
Jellyfish Yoyo Item# 090362
as low as $2.33
MoMA Pull Down Keyholder Item# M-K278
as low as $5.31
Friendly Face Stress Reliever Item# PL-0340
as low as $1.73
Fire Truck Stress Ball Item# SB702
as low as $1.92
Goofy Group Beach Lady Lip Balm Item# LBBOCA
as low as $1.74
Garbage Truck Stress Ball Item# SB707
as low as $1.82
Delta Wind-Up Key-Light Item# SM-9891
as low as $2.67
Oink Keyring Item# K-K03
as low as $4.87
Color Wedge Custom Keyring Item# EK1016
as low as $3.10
Network Item# 6680-17
as low as $2.41
Bumi Keyring Item# EK1024
as low as $1.92
All-in-One Business Card Case/Keychain Item# SM-9495
as low as $2.80
Mini-Might LED Key Chain- Full Color Item# 80-29010
as low as $1.97
Eclipse Keyring Item# EK3600
as low as $4.63
Laguna Game Set Item# 1450-02
as low as $21.28
Perspective Keyring Item# EK5400
as low as $2.21
Balmain® Business Card Case with Pen Item# 9260-52
as low as $4.82
Perspective Chrome Key Ring Item# EK5600
as low as $1.92
Hot Stuff Item# 6621-28
as low as $2.60
Monkey Do Keyring Item# K-K14
as low as $4.94
Mini Mood Stress Football Item# 45010
as low as $1.76
Dunes Outdoor Game Set Item# 1450-04
as low as $16.05
Mono Business Card Holder Item# ES6004
as low as $4.95
Rubik's® 4-Panel Mini Stock Cube Item# PL-4675
as low as $5.68
Globe Bamboo Business Card Holder Item# ES6051
as low as $7.95
Mini Day Pack Item# 77551
as low as $14.52
Dilbert Stress Reliever Item# LDB-DL06
as low as $2.59
Arrow Foam Flyer Item# JFFLYERBLU
as low as $2.29
Paracord Key Tag Item# PW-IMPORTKT
as low as $3.12
Potato Stress Ball Item# SB722
as low as $1.98
Airplane Stress Reliever Item# PL-0747
as low as $1.84
Lan Executive Keyring Item# EK6006
as low as $5.00
Physique III Can Opener Keytag Item# EK8002
as low as $4.05
The Boss Stress Reliever Item# LDB-BS06
as low as $2.59
as low as $2.05
Plastic Piggy Bank Item# 4062
as low as $2.22
Wally Stress Reliever Item# LDB-WL06
as low as $2.59
Lightweight Executive Key Chain Item# KC60
as low as $1.99
Alice Stress Reliever Item# LDB-AL06
as low as $2.59
Plastic House Shape Bank Item# 4065
as low as $1.93
Circular Metal Spinner Key Tag Item# 4770
as low as $1.83
Smilin' Mood Stress Dude Item# 45050
as low as $2.40
Foam Flyer Item# JFFLYER
as low as $2.29
Oval Metal Spinner Key Tag Item# 4772
as low as $1.83
Goofy Popping Idea Stress Reliever Item# BY1009NC
as low as $2.59
Rectangle Metal Spinner Key Tag Item# 4774
as low as $1.83
Aluminum Flashlight Keychain Item# 2505
as low as $2.25
Goofy Popping Whistler Stress Reliever © Item# BY1010NC
as low as $2.59
Carabiner Pocketknife Item# WOR-CP01
as low as $6.20
Smiley Guy Mobile Device Holder Item# PL-4140
as low as $2.90
Egg Cha Cha Item# 060104
as low as $1.71
Francesco Key Ring Item# G8043
as low as $4.83
Key Ring Item# PL-4039
as low as $2.75
Rubik's® Cube Stress Reliever Item# PL-4578
as low as $2.95
Berti Key Ring Item# G8044
as low as $4.05
Laser Light Key Tag Item# LP02
as low as $3.99
Smilin' Egg Wobbly Stress Reliever Item# PL-2021
as low as $2.99
Bendeez® Handiflex Item# 010550
as low as $1.89
MoMA Card Case Item# M-B282
as low as $4.09
Pyramid Stress Toy Item# LGS-PY07
as low as $1.75
Antique Key Silicone Tag Item# UQ1107
as low as $4.48
7 in 1 Golf Tool Item# GOLFTOOL
as low as $3.88
Klixx® 24 Link Promotional Toy Item# 080101
as low as $1.99
Business Card Holder Item# EB6009
as low as $19.96
St. Regis Card Holder Item# LG-9181
as low as $6.95
Zoomies Miniature Cars Item# 083050
as low as $2.52
Fairfield Business Card Case Item# LG-9185
as low as $13.95
Orbit Multi-Tool Keychain Item# 6621-33
as low as $2.40
Leather Business Card Case Item# EB3014
as low as $4.95
PhotoVision Business Card Holder Item# PVBCH
as low as $2.38
Victory Business Card Case Item# BC1101
as low as $3.49
Bungee Gliderz Airplane Item# 090101
as low as $3.25
Aluminum Card Case Item# PL-2035
as low as $2.99
Silicone Card Holder Item# SB8459
as low as $4.66
Cardholder with Money Clip Item# SL8286
as low as $5.02
Mind Trap 3D Puzzle Item# 1025-61
as low as $2.89
Journey Document Holder Item# 8410
as low as $9.99
Pieceless Puzzle ™ Large Item# 31403
as low as $3.99
Fireside 6-in-1 Multi-Game Set Item# 1250-28
as low as $34.73
Puzzle Sphere Item# IMC-WP648N
as low as $10.89
Puzzle Barrel Item# IMC-WP647N
as low as $7.59
Puzzle Cube Item# IMC-WP653N
as low as $7.87
Mini Twist-A-Snake Item# PL-3632
as low as $6.65
Etch-a-Sketch Key Chain Item# ES125
as low as $3.66
Kikkerland Spinney Item# K-TY1560
as low as $12.69
Kikkerland Cranky Item# K-TY1580
as low as $12.94
Kikkerland Cosmojetz Item# K-TY1581
as low as $12.94
Bungee Rocket Item# T-473
as low as $1.73
Kite - Delta Dancer Item# 090030
as low as $2.47
Slam-It! Rocket Item# T-474
as low as $1.83
The Drencher Squirt Gun Item# T-896
as low as $2.12
Pearl Galaxy Promo Bouncer Item# LBL-PG11
as low as $2.15
Toss N' Splat Amoeba Ball Item# LGB-AB09
as low as $1.94
Confetti Light Up Ball Item# CONFTBL
as low as $1.89
5-1/2 Item# JK-3030
as low as $1.78
Carabiner Radio Item# GR8006
as low as $2.97
Golf Ball Promotional Cinch Pack Item# BG154
as low as $2.21
Soccer Ball Promotional Cinch Pack Item# BG153
as low as $2.21
Promotional Malibu Neon Sunglasses Item# 6223
as low as $1.77
Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses Item# 6224
as low as $2.00
Soft Touch Matte Sunglasses Item# 62360
as low as $1.74

Giveaways are cost efficient items with the ability to communicate your brand’s message to your desired audience in practically any way. These items include a variety of products available to accommodate a wide range of budgets and applications. From trade show pieces to keychains & carabiners with slightly higher price points, giveaways are the perfect vehicle to display your brand's name and logo. Depending on the nature of your campaign, you might want expose any number of people to your message. With an abundant amount of items that double as functional, practical gifts, your audience is certain to enjoy using their branded products in almost every scenario. So communicate with consumers in a way others are simply not able to, by providing a useful item decorated with pertinent information today.

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