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Health and Beauty Products
Discover your fountain of youth.

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Folding Lint Brush Item# SM-9446
as low as $0.76
Sewing Kit Item# VL2200
as low as $0.96
Chase Sewing Kit Item# PCM500
as low as $0.90
Primary Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3525
as low as $1.52
Primary Care Bandage Dispenser™ Item# 3500
as low as $0.57
Austin Compact Mirror Item# PBR500
as low as $1.59
Krony Bandage Dispenser Item# BD200
as low as $0.85
Reflection Compact Mirror Item# PCM300
as low as $0.61
Milano Shoeshine Kit Item# 1400-11
as low as $14.50
StaySafe Portable First Aid Kit Item# 1400-45
as low as $12.28
Flexible Promotional Vase Item# PL-4101
as low as $1.26
Aloe First Aid Kit Item# PK150
as low as $1.95
Zippered First Aid Pouch Item# SM-1502
as low as $2.18
as low as $1.92
Companion Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3535
as low as $1.83
Road Runner Toothbrush Item# TBT100
as low as $1.00
All Natural Bug Repellant Spray Item# BS2000
as low as $2.92
StaySafe EVA First Aid Kit Item# 1490-10
as low as $12.28
Yohnson Plastic Bandage Dispenser Item# BD300
as low as $0.97
Helping Hand Sanitizer Item# SM-1535
as low as $1.25
Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit Item# PL-0510
as low as $0.95
Pro Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3555
as low as $3.86
Pocket Pre-threaded Sewing Kit Item# SM-9449
as low as $0.73
Deluxe Manicure Set Item# SM-9483
as low as $2.67
StaySafe Travel First Aid Kit Item# 1400-46
as low as $18.09
Bath & Body Kit W/sponge And Loofah Pad Item# ML9130
as low as $18.59
Promotional Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn Item# PL-4230
as low as $0.98
1 oz. Unscented Clear Sanitizer Item# QZS10
as low as $1.02
Poppe Hand Sanitizer Spray Item# ABL2400
as low as $0.96
Folding Lint Roller Item# SM-9458
as low as $1.25
Smart-n-Stylin Travel Case Item# FA5002
as low as $6.99
7-Day Promotional Pill Box Item# PL-4011
as low as $1.28
Shoe Shine Polisher Item# SM-9444
as low as $0.63
Ice Hand Sanitizer Spray Item# ABL2000
as low as $1.65
Ratcliff Hand Sanitizer Spray 1oz Item# ABL2500
as low as $0.99
Mirror-Nail File Combo Item# SM-9462
as low as $0.96
Soothing Cold Pack Item# CPP-3187
as low as $1.44
Bead Therapy Item# CPP-3156
as low as $1.89

Health and beauty products include items that contribute to all aspects of one’s personal health. Our range of products ranges from bandage dispensers to hairbrushes, to massagers and more! When these items are designed with your company’s name and logo, they can provide excellent exposure for your brand. Products like Matchbook Emery Boards and Ergonomic Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer make great giveaways to spread awareness about one’s brand. It is important for everyone, everywhere, to be prepared with these types of items in case of emergencies so they would certainly be appreciated when given to other business offices, schools, retail stores, and many other public locations, in addition to being given to individuals at private homes. Take care of your clients and employees by giving them health and beauty products to help them relax.

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