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All items hand-selected by Dr. McDreamy.

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Pill Dispenser Promotional Key Chain Item# 3572
as low as $1.09
SniftyPak™ Economy Tissue Box Item# TP007
as low as $2.10
7-Day Med Minder Item# 3560
as low as $0.78
Primary Care Bandage Dispenser™ Item# 3500
as low as $0.57
Pro Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3555
as low as $3.86
Stethoscope ID Tag Item# 3820
as low as $0.91
Digital Thermometer Item# THERM
as low as $2.99
34 oz. Medical Mug Item# 634
as low as $4.14
SmashWipe 8-Pack Item# CT01
as low as $1.76
Foil Pack Pill Opener Item# 3597
as low as $1.04
Primary Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3525
as low as $1.52
CPR Kit Item# 50049
as low as $4.15
Womens Breeze Vest Item# 5195
as low as $26.40
16 oz. Medical Mug Item# 621
as low as $2.75
Heart Stress Reliever Item# 4094
as low as $0.84
Reusable Hot And Cold Pack Item# 9460
as low as $1.21
SmashWipe 4-Pack Item# CT02
as low as $1.28
Antibacterial Wet Wipes Item# WIPES
as low as $0.99
Morph Grocery Tote Heart Item# 7035
as low as $3.89
Shepard First Aid Kit (Waterproof) Item# FA150
as low as $3.00
1 oz. Stress Relief Lotion Item# ZRL10O
as low as $1.39
Goofy Medical Scrub Shirt Badge Holder Item# JFSCRBDGE
as low as $1.84
Companion Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3535
as low as $1.83
Talking Appreciation Pen Item# JFWOW
as low as $2.37
22 oz. Medical Mug Item# 622
as low as $3.27
Walking Enthusiast Kit Item# 3804
as low as $9.97
Rectangular Mirror Item# 7500
as low as $0.63
Zinc Block - Clear Tube Item# ZZBCT
as low as $0.99
Uniform Hand Sanitizer Item# SANIBOT
as low as $1.49
Scrubs Notebook Item# SCB-74
as low as $4.12
Deluxe Multi-function Pedometer Item# 4016
as low as $2.15
Rectangular Shape Pill Holder Item# 7535
as low as $0.48
Zippy® Corn Direct Imprint Letter Opener Item# QP-CP102
as low as $0.87
Eclipse Medical Item# HM-90M
as low as $11.48
12 oz. Medical Mug Insulated Item# 512
as low as $2.95
Promotional Cold & Flu Kit Item# RX400E-10
as low as $3.51
Matchbook Emery Board Pack Item# 5910
as low as $2.60
7-Day Promotional Pill Box Item# PL-4011
as low as $1.28
Press-It Pill Dispenser Item# 3570
as low as $2.17
Mini Sticky Scrubs Item# SCB-40
as low as $2.89
Letter Size Clipboard Item# 8210
as low as $3.29
The Staccato Pill Holder Item# K-223
as low as $0.86
Terry Velour Robe Item# R100
as low as $39.51
3 Piece Salad Shaker Set Item# 2155
as low as $2.70
Utility Caddy Item# UTC88
as low as $6.24
3/8 Item# ASHWS38
as low as $1.17
Custom-Printed White Bandages Item# 40069
as low as $0.24
Doctor Flexi-Bottle Item# PL-4364
as low as $2.50
Nurse Flexi-Bottle Item# PL-4363
as low as $2.50
Swanky Stethoscope Pen Item# AP1006ST
as low as $0.99
Data Tracker USB Pedometer Item# WHF-US10
as low as $19.20
Piazza Foldaway Shopper Item# 1054
as low as $3.99
Slide N Go Pill Box Item# 3591
as low as $0.71
Jumbo 7-Day Med Minder Item# 3564
as low as $1.23
Tri-Minder Pill Box Item# 3583
as low as $0.76
Poopy Bag Dispenser Item# 3261
as low as $1.92
Goofy Sneeze Box Item# CZ1001NC
as low as $2.59
Convertible Scrubs Tote Item# CA2001BL
as low as $2.46
Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack Item# WHF-HC11
as low as $2.07
Hand Shape Massager Item# WHF-HA29
as low as $1.99
Massage Upad Item# WHF-UP10
as low as $3.25
Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometer Item# WHF-PR11
as low as $12.26
Blender Bottle 20oz. Item# B208
as low as $7.20
Sandwich Buddy Item# SANDBUD
as low as $3.04
Mini Sling First Aid Kit Item# 3553
as low as $2.20
7-Day Pill Case Item# SM-1513
as low as $0.86
Equipment Identifier Item# 3815
as low as $1.21
Quart Size Travel Carrier Item# 1667
as low as $1.15
Doctor Tote Item# LT-3094
as low as $2.99
Orion iPad Sleeve Item# MB2101
as low as $4.99
Button Item# KD3001
as low as $3.20
Sport Guppy Item# KD3004
as low as $2.90
Can Jersey ™ Coolie Item# 106
as low as $1.22
Grace Lunch Cooler Item# 90500
as low as $19.37

From hospitals to insurance companies and all corporations in between, healthcare products can effectively publicize your services to current and prospective patients. Our selection of items is the perfect way for your brand to endorse a healthier way of living. Because whether you want to provide end users with a fun desktop item to reference for contact or medical-related information, or a pedometer that encourages recipients to get up and move, our healthcare products are a great fit for all medical related industries. Wellness expositions, medical lectures, or even pediatric fundraisers are venues where these products are appropriate additions to publicize your cause or mission statement. Recipients will walk away with a lasting reminder of your brand and area of expertise in the form of a practical product that not only advocates your brand but also advocates personal well-being.

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