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Secure Your Business With Retractable Badge Holders

Retractable badge holders are something that every company should invest in for their employees. During these times when security concerns are increasing in all industries, it is especially important to make sure that all employees and guests in any office are easily identifiable. By providing custom ID badge holders you can do just that, in addition to using them to promote your brand! Retractable badge holders also offer an added convenience of the retractable cord. With these badge holders, IDs can be prominently displayed close to the wearer's body, and then extended up to 30 inches to allow for quick and easy badge swiping, withstanding pull after pull.

Retractable Badge Holders for Every Brand

At Pinnacle Promotions, we offer a wide variety of promotional badge holders and at such low costs, you'll have practically no excuses not to invest in some! Our collection of retractable badge holders provides an assortment of colors, including translucent colored badge holders or metal ones in silver or gold. You can even order your ID badge holders in different colors for different departments in your company. Our promotional badge holders are also available in many different shapes from circle and triangle holders to heart-shaped and jumbo jet-shaped ones. You can also choose from different attachments for your badge holders such as a slide clip or swivel alligator clip, to conveniently attach to belts, pockets, collars or purses. Once you decide which retractable badge holder is right for you, be sure to customize it with your company name and logo to ensure maximum brand exposure.

Employees Will Appreciate Retractable Badge Holders

Retractable badge holders provide so many conveniences for employees that they will truly appreciate being given one. Many companies now use ID cards imprinted with barcodes to allow for access to different parts of their workplace. Carrying around an ID card on a badge holder is a lot easier than always having to carry around a wallet or otherwise placing an ID card in your back pocket, which can lead to easy loss or breakage. At Pinnacle Promotions, we even have custom ID badge holders that come with a mini ballpoint pen attached, something that always comes in handy.

Retractable Badge Holders Outside of the Office

Besides providing identification while inside the office, Retractable badge holders are also great means of personal identification outside of the office. They are great items to use at any type of event from fundraisers to tradeshows. Even if the event provides you with some sort of name badge, it is still a great idea to also wear your ID badge holder as it lends more information about your company and may attract others who may be interested in talking with you about your company. Employees can also reuse their custom badge holders in a variety of situations when they are going to meetings at other businesses or even traveling for business. A promotional badge holder can promote your brand anywhere the wearer goes!

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