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Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
Port Authority Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
Item S608
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Short Sleeve Value Poplin Shirt
Port Authority Short Sleeve Value Poplin Shirt
Item S633
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Ladies Long Sleeve Non-Iron Twill Shirt
Port Authority Ladies Long Sleeve Non-Iron Twill Shirt
Item L638
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Plaid Pattern Easy Care Shirt
Port Authority Plaid Pattern Easy Care Shirt
Item S639
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Tattersall Easy Care Shirt
Port Authority Tattersall Easy Care Shirt
Item S642
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Short Sleeve Easy Care  Soil Resistant Shirt
Port Authority Short Sleeve Easy Care Soil Resistant Shirt
Item S507
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A History of Promotional Industrial Apparel

Promotional industrial apparel is a functional way to prepare employees for their jobs while also promoting a company or organization. There have been many uses for customized work shirts throughout history, and the shirts themselves have evolved with the development of various industries. Changes in machinery and technology during the Industrial Revolution shifted the world's economy from more manual labor and farming towards manufacturing. As a result, workers need functional promotional industrial apparel to keep them warm, clean and protected in the factories. Industrial workers today have the same need for these types of customized work shirts, as do those employees who work in more service-oriented fields.

Promotional Industrial Apparel for Employees

In general, there are two major reasons for outfitting employees in promotional industrial apparel. The first reason is that work shirts imprinted with a company's logo will help to increase brand recognition. Additionally, customized work shirts keep employees looking fresh on the job site and set the tone for the distributor's company, whether it be a car dealership or a printing ware house. Organizations can also use this branded workwear to differentiate between job functions; for example, at a car dealership the mechanics may wear industrial work shirts while the sales team may wear pique cotton polos in corresponding colors and styles. In addition to varying promotional industrial apparel according to recipients' job functions, you might also need to change the workwear options based on the season and location of your business. Short sleeve industrial work shirts are a must-have for employees who work in a ware house during the hot summer months, as these crowded spaces often have little airflow or ventilation, thus leading to possible overheating. During the cold winter months, the opposite is true, and these spaces are often incredibly cold without insulation. Thus, workers will need the proper jacket to stay warm and maintain a productive workload. The organizations location may also play a role in determining what type of promotional industrial apparel employees will need, and how it should be distributed.

Distributing Promotional Industrial Apparel

Since many organizations use promotional industrial apparel to ensure that employees present a clean, unified front in the workplace, one idea is to give employees customized work shirts during their initial orientation. By doing so, employees will immediately feel like they are part of the team and will be proud to be affiliated with your company. Perhaps give employees a few customized work shirts and then make others available for purchase in a company store. Organizations can also present fresh, new shirts to employees as part of their end of year gifts or better yet, as an anniversary present to mark how long they have been with the company. Employers should also consider ordering extra promotional industrial apparel and distributing it to employees' spouses, children, and even parents. These recipients will wear the customized work shirts to their offices and around town too, thereby providing an endorsement of the imprinted logo and serving to improve the return on investment of your corporate apparel.

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