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Promotional Cargo™ Travel Organizer
BUILT Promotional Cargo™ Travel Organizer
Item BT-5600
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Cargo™ Laptop Sleeve 15
BUILT Cargo™ Laptop Sleeve 15"
Item BT-5601
As low as
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Laptop Sleeve 16
BUILT Laptop Sleeve 16"
Item BT-5605
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Laptop Sleeve 12-13
BUILT Laptop Sleeve 12-13"
Item BT-5609
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Neoprene Envelope for iPad® 2
BUILT Neoprene Envelope for iPad® 2
Item BT-5655
As low as
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Next to having the future president of the United States mention your plumbing business along the campaign trail, industry products are a surefire way to gain attention for your brand. And while we can’t promise these items will garner the media exposure given to the presidential campaign trail along the way to the Oval Office, we can say that they will become an effective part of your very own campaign. In fact, this tactic has been known to create a buzz amongst recipients and make a lasting impression, especially when the items distributed are fun, functional and relevant. This is because no matter how the top commercial companies vary, they all understand that distributing industry products can produce an extremely high return on investment

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