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Hand-picked products for your promotional needs.

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House Letter Slitter Item# 2411
as low as $0.63
New Wave Pocket Buddy Notebook Item# MP222
as low as $2.99
Computer Adjust-A-Mirror Item# PL-0298
as low as $1.92
Metropolitan Business Card Holder Item# 1020-25
as low as $9.67
Pocket Pro Mini Tape Measure / Key Chain Item# SM-9416
as low as $0.86
Decatur USB Drive Item# Decatur
as low as $7.37
Rubik® Flashlight Item# PL-3631
as low as $4.98
CheckMate Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Brief Item# 4960-19
as low as $24.18
Windsor Reflections Promotional Padfolio Item# 0550-01
as low as $8.21
Primary Care Bandage Dispenser™ Item# 3500
as low as $0.57
Canteen Stainless Custom Water Bottle Item# 1622-34
as low as $6.76
House Keep-it Clip™ Item# 411
as low as $0.85
Pro Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3555
as low as $3.86
Promo Popper Item# PL-3760
as low as $1.61
Stethoscope ID Tag Item# 3820
as low as $0.91
The Sahara Custom Sports Bottle Item# SM-6717
as low as $3.28
Photo Coaster Set Item# PL-8201
as low as $12.95
Case Logic® Front Seat Mobile Office Item# 8150-10
as low as $26.11
Calculator w/Pen & Memo Item# OFA1600
as low as $2.78
The Sovereign Laser Pen Item# SM-4538
as low as $5.76
Ying Promotional Messenger Bag Item# 2950-82
as low as $12.09
Quick-release Tape Measure Item# SM-9397
as low as $0.57
SpotLight Notebook & Stylus/ Pen Item# CPP-3193
as low as $2.56
Bristol Twist Executive Pen Item# 1035-81
as low as $2.91
Portable Electronics Case Item# 306
as low as $1.34
Sobe Click Promotional Pen Item# SM-4050
as low as $1.83
Square Retractable Badge Holder Item# SM-2381
as low as $0.79
George Chocolate Cigars Item# CG250
as low as $2.16
Robot Stress Ball Item# SB635
as low as $1.92
Slimline Sticky Memo Holder Item# SM-3263
as low as $1.15
Carpenter Pencil Item# CPF
as low as $0.32
2-Tone Bistro Promotional Mug Item# 1515
as low as $3.99
Gumbite® Dolli Mobile Phone Holder Item# PL-4475
as low as $2.99
11 oz Glossy C-Handle Mug Item# 101
as low as $2.99
Highway Companion Gift Set Item# 1400-10
as low as $33.86
Bumi Keyring Item# EK1024
as low as $1.92
Buy Write Pencil Item# BWG
as low as $0.15
Foil Pack Pill Opener Item# 3597
as low as $1.04
Square Metal Badge Holder Item# VL3215
as low as $3.86
Stratford Writing Pad Item# 3140-01
as low as $15.96
Primary Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3525
as low as $1.52
Dual Stylus Item# 7003-34
as low as $5.80
Foldable Polypropylene Bag Item# 2150-40
as low as $1.83
Zoom 7 Item# 7003-31
as low as $8.70
Solid Jersey Gel Promotional Mouse Pad Item# SM-3310
as low as $5.80
Find Me Luggage Wrap Identifier Item# SM-9463
as low as $0.92
Volume Adjusting Earbuds Item# 1670-93
as low as $3.86
15 oz Bella Ceramic Mug Item# 1030
as low as $4.59
Custom Golf Ball Tin with Hard Candies Item# MSTHC-G
as low as $9.01
Flexible Promotional Vase Item# PL-4101
as low as $1.26
Heart Stress Reliever Item# 4094
as low as $0.84
Gel Smartphone Case Item# SM-2554
as low as $1.54
Regolo I Business Card Case Item# EB3011
as low as $4.71
Rectangle Key Tag Item# KC117
as low as $2.49
Computer Power Saver Button Item# 1690-51
as low as $8.21
Foam Auto Cup Organizer Item# SM-9950
as low as $3.38
DuraHyde Compu-Attaché Item# 4900-58
as low as $29.02
Computer Stress Ball Item# SB475
as low as $1.24
Custom Stress Ball Item# 4088
as low as $0.93
Smooth Stadium Cup - 16oz Item# 16S
as low as $0.50
California Innovations® 12-Can Cooler Item# 3850-12
as low as $14.50
Slope Compu Promotional Laptop Bag Item# 6655-19
as low as $20.31
I-Cool™ Lunch Sack Item# GR4200
as low as $3.38
Leed's DuraHyde Promotional Padfolio Item# 0600-10
as low as $10.15
Plastic Piggy Bank Item# 4062
as low as $2.22
PolyPro Convention Tote Item# 2150-04
as low as $1.26
Shepard First Aid Kit (Waterproof) Item# FA150
as low as $3.00
2.0 Compact Card Reader Item# US2201
as low as $7.99
Safety Clip-on Reflector Item# SM-9810
as low as $0.86
Dog Tags Item# DTG200
as low as $1.04
Rainbow Gel Gripper Item# RAINBO
as low as $1.15
Metropolitan Mouse Pad Item# 1100-23
as low as $15.96
Balmain® Concorde Pen Set Item# 1035-12
as low as $14.02
Promotional Cinch Pack - 14 Item# 3071
as low as $1.40
Crossroads Identification Tag Item# 9300-65
as low as $3.18
Fold 'em Up Ruler Item# PL-4058
as low as $1.88
Powertech Travel Outlet Item# 1690-24
as low as $9.67
Carabiner Key Tag Item# KC152
as low as $0.79
Bluetooth Folding Keyboard Item# 7140-06
as low as $48.38
Penny Stress Ball Item# SB574
as low as $1.34
The Bug Mini Stapler Item# SM-3213
as low as $1.25
U.S. Flag Item# 563
as low as $0.50
Skeda I Business Card Case Item# EB1006
as low as $3.95
Companion Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3535
as low as $1.83
Radiance Silver Plated Photo Frame Item# 1550-02
as low as $14.50
Case Logic® 17 Item# 8150-27
as low as $24.18
The Solano Travel Tumbler Item# SM-6746
as low as $7.25
Crossroads Mouse Pad Item# 9300-21
as low as $7.25
Cross USB 4-Port Hub V.2.0 Item# 1670-73
as low as $8.70
Classic Meeting Custom Cotton Bag Item# 7900-04
as low as $2.31
Ponch-O (Poncho) Item# 6690-03
as low as $2.89
1/4 Item# SM-3332
as low as $1.92
A-Ha! Item# 6640-17
as low as $2.41
Neon Buy Write Pencil Item# NBW
as low as $0.17
Walking Enthusiast Kit Item# 3804
as low as $9.97
Manchester Padfolio Item# 0400-10
as low as $15.47
Incline Personalized Backpack Item# 4525-12
as low as $12.57
Pocket Multi-purpose Tool Kit Item# SM-9365
as low as $1.73
School Bus Stress Ball Item# SB966
as low as $1.53
Mesh Laundry Bag Item# 3070
as low as $3.05
7 Item# 1690-32
as low as $62.89
White Board Tape Measure Item# SM-9396
as low as $1.54
Rectangular Promotional Reflector Light Item# SM-9713
as low as $1.25
The Clean Sweep Computer Cleaning Tool Item# SM-3279
as low as $0.86
The Recycled Jotter & Pen Item# SM-3429
as low as $0.97
Blooming Flower USB Hub Item# PL-3905
as low as $10.25
16 oz. Spirit Promotional Tumbler Item# 5041
as low as $4.68
Whistle Key Ring Item# 2051
as low as $0.71
The Duchess Promotional Spiral Notebook Item# SM-3455
as low as $1.44
Triangle Reflector/light With Clip Item# VL4000
as low as $4.68
7-Day Promotional Pill Box Item# PL-4011
as low as $1.28
Captain's Boat Bag Item# 144
as low as $7.99
Big Apple Item# BA97R
as low as $2.20
10 Item# Bt-5708
as low as $22.27
Pocket Jotter With Stickies Item# PL-4261
as low as $0.98
Charging Station and Stand Item# 1100-31
as low as $27.09
Harbor Boat Tote Item# 7201-01
as low as $4.83
Doctor Flexi-Bottle Item# PL-4364
as low as $2.50
Nurse Flexi-Bottle Item# PL-4363
as low as $2.50
Orion iPad Sleeve Item# MB2101
as low as $4.99
The Englewood Solar USB Charger Item# T-416
as low as $11.96
Stand N’ Splitter Item# T-409
as low as $2.80
Energy Box Item# 7003-24
as low as $72.57
Summit Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger Item# 3450-55
as low as $24.18
Doctor Tote Item# LT-3094
as low as $2.99
Tangle® Hub 2.0 Item# PL-3502
as low as $7.97

Next to having the future president of the United States mention your plumbing business along the campaign trail, industry products are a surefire way to gain attention for your brand. And while we can’t promise these items will garner the media exposure given to the presidential campaign trail along the way to the Oval Office, we can say that they will become an effective part of your very own campaign. In fact, this tactic has been known to create a buzz amongst recipients and make a lasting impression, especially when the items distributed are fun, functional and relevant. This is because no matter how the top commercial companies vary, they all understand that distributing industry products can produce an extremely high return on investment

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