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Inexpensive Giveaways
Increase traffic at your next tradeshow.

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Inexpensive giveaways are budget-friendly products that can still impact your business in a big way. These items are available at such a low cost that you can just give them away! Everything from lip balm and cinch bags to mints and mobile phone holders, branded with your company’s name, logo, and message, can remind your audience of what you do best. These items also provide a mass appeal and are perfect for almost every event. This is especially true if your company is looking to make a splash at a large or diverse tradeshow. The reach of these products is second to none and with so many available at your fingertips, you will have a gift for every lead. Additionally, our inexpensive giveaways will turn your sales team into a sales force, no matter what industry your brand represents.

3 Item# 6960
as low as $1.60
String-A-Sling Promotional Cinch Pack Item# LT-3290
as low as $1.60
Econo Non-Woven/Polyester Cap Item# PL-4292
as low as $1.82
Promotional Chocolate Message Bar Pop Item# Ck-712
as low as $1.35
Bendeez® Stick Promotional Toy Item# 010201
as low as $1.34
Smiley Lens Cleaner Item# PL-3883
as low as $1.98
Grip-It Luggage Identifier Item# 1760
as low as $1.02
All-In-One Mini Notebook Item# MP124
as low as $1.99
Pocket Flag Buddy Item# MP024
as low as $1.49
Rectangular Promotional Reflector Light Item# SM-9713
as low as $1.25
Gumvelope Promotional Mint Gum Item# SBF1600
as low as $1.13
Goofy Pen Item# JFGOOFY
as low as $1.60
Mintvelope Item# SBF2600
as low as $1.50
Traveler Micro Fiber Cloth Item# 1685
as low as $1.25
Zoom Glider Promotional Airplane Flyer Item# 090150
as low as $1.54
Football Rocket Item# 090225
as low as $1.81
Wall Walkers Tradeshow Giveaway Item# 080800
as low as $1.37
Supreme Pizza Cut-it™ Item# 1325
as low as $1.63
Slimline Sticky Memo Holder Item# SM-3263
as low as $1.15
The Rumba Laminated Tote Bag Item# SM-7317
as low as $1.63
Square Mega Magnet Clip Item# 1978
as low as $1.50
2-In-1 Contempo Pen/Highlighter Item# PL-1608
as low as $1.15
Cyber Brush™ Item# 1600
as low as $1.12
The Bug Mini Stapler Item# SM-3213
as low as $1.25
Bend-N-Measure Ruler Item# PL-4061
as low as $1.28
Beverage Buddy 4-in-1 Beverage Buddy Item# BP7700
as low as $1.31
Lil' Cha Cha Item# 060102
as low as $1.95
Round Promo-Spring Item# PL-0367
as low as $1.15
Econo Non-Woven Cap Item# PL-4290
as low as $1.63
1 oz. Air Freshener Spray Item# ZF10S
as low as $1.55
Round Zippered Coin Pouch Item# 295
as low as $1.21
Time's Up Sticky Notes Item# SM-3112
as low as $1.25
Disposable Poncho Item# 7742
as low as $1.02

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