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Promotional Lanyards for Your Brand

Promotional lanyards originated in the late 19th century, when lanyards were used in the military to secure knives and other weapons for war on soldiers' uniforms. Today these ropes and cords are more commonly used to carry keys or name badges, but the original purpose of custom lanyards has remained the same - to secure an object that may be easily lost, or ensure it is visible at all times. Why not take advantage of that high visibility by advertising your brand on promotional lanyards? By simply imprinting your company name and logo on promotional lanyards, your brand is guaranteed to get great exposure whenever the custom lanyards are worn in a public setting!

Promotional Lanyards Provide Optimal Exposure

Promotional lanyards are great, multi-functional marketing items to promote your brand. Not only are they appropriate to be given to a wide demographic set including males or females and the young or old, custom lanyards can be used by their recipient almost anywhere and in any capacity, therefore achieving far-reaching advertising capabilities for your brand. It is common to see custom lanyards used to display name badges in high security areas like hospitals or schools where identification is required to ensure the safety of a contained population. It is also common to see promotional lanyards used as keychains at places like gyms or public pools which feature secure areas for members to store personal belongings and valuables. Aside from badges and keys, custom lanyards can carry bottles, pens, lip balms, cameras- the possibilities are endless! Some custom lanyards are even designed as precautionary items for use with dangerous machinery or vehicles like jet-skis. If something were to happen to the operator, such as a jet-ski rider being ejected from their watercraft by a large wave, provided that the rider's key is attached to a custom lanyard worn on their wrist, the impact of their fall will cause tension on the custom lanyard, subsequently pulling the key out of the jet-ski ignition to immediately turn off the vehicle and protect the ejected rider. Though typically worn around the neck, promotional lanyards can also be worn around the wrist, as they are for jet-skis, or tied onto backpacks or other places. With so many uses, it comes as no surprise to anybody that custom lanyards are such popular promotional items!

Customize Your Promotional Lanyard

At Pinnacle Promotions we offer a wide variety of promotional lanyards. Our selection includes everything from basic cotton or satin custom lanyards, to nylon elastic custom lanyards, to sport cord custom lanyards made of braided materials. We even have promotional lanyards with a convenience release attachment that allows the wearer to remove the lanyard with ease. All of our promotional lanyards come with a standard o-ring by which to attach a name badge or keys, but some products boast additional attachments available by request, such as a plastic bulldog clip, or a metal swivel hook. Many of our promotional lanyards are available in a rainbow assortment of colors, allowing for further customization of your preferred custom lanyards.

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