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Solaris Laser Pen
Bettoni Solaris Laser Pen
Item LM8300
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Solaris Dual 4-in-1 Pen
Bettoni Solaris Dual 4-in-1 Pen
Item LM9300
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A laser pointer is a small laser beam that projects a spot of colored light upon striking a solid surface and is usually used in presentations to highlight something of interest or importance. Want to highlight your brand? Check out our laser pointers with rechargeable lithium button cells or multi-function styles that combine a pen, stylus and LED torch in one impressionable product. Colleagues and clients alike are sure to appreciate this pocket-sized technology whether you are giving them away as gifts or using them for your own business presentations. Red is most commonly produced in laser pointers, but they can also emit green, blue and some other various colors of light. They are also perfect to use when sharing PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Most often used in educational or business settings, users will be well equipped with these sophisticated items to maximize the effectiveness of any professional demonstration.

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