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Zoom 10" Sleeve
Item 7003-32
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Zoom Wrap
Item 7003-04
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Zoom Gather
Item 7003-02
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Lounge for Tablets
Zoom Lounge for Tablets
Item 7003-05
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Lounge for Phones
Zoom Lounge for Phones
Item 7003-03
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2-In-1 Tech Sleeve JournalBook
Zoom 2-In-1 Tech Sleeve JournalBook
Item 7003-51
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Zoom Grab
Item 7003-01
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Waffle Case for 7
Zoom Waffle Case for 7" Tablets
Item 7003-36
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Waffle Case for 10
Zoom Waffle Case for 10" Tablets
Item 7003-37
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Branding your business is easy when you can rely on trusted products like Leed’s electronics. When you give unique or high-value products like these, you also give recipients an item that they will want to keep and use for a long time to come. The key to successful branding is to get your logo and branding message in front of your clients. When your brand gets advertising exposure, you build your brand visibility and recognition. To do this successfully, you want to pick the appropriate products to fit your clients. One of the best parts about giving gadgets is that such a unique and thoughtful gift is sure to land a permanent spot on recipients' desks. Whether you choose to raffle off an imprinted digital photo frame at a tradeshow or give a set of branded computer accessories to all of your employees, Leed's electronic giveaways make it easy to deliver a product with lasting power.

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