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FireSide Playing Card Set with Dominos
FireSide Playing Card Set with Dominos
Item 1400-38
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The ultimate goal of most marketing campaigns is to advertise your brand name and when you choose to market your company with Leed’s fun gifts you give a playful and engaging product that recipients are sure to enjoy. From tricky puzzles to stress relieving building blocks, these products are sure to impress any target audience. When you give your clients an interactive gift, you give a product that they will not only keep on their desk, but you give something that they will pick up periodically throughout the day, week and year. While any product or gift can demonstrate your appreciation for your employees, when you give fun gifts from Leed’s, you take your acknowledgment a step beyond the typical “thank you.” A custom game gives your employees a momentary distraction from the daily grind and positive reminder of your business.

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