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Leed's Golf

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Slazenger®  Classic Shoebag
Slazenger® Classic Shoebag
Item 6050-02
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Slazenger® Golf Rangefinder
Slazenger® Golf Rangefinder
Item 6050-51
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Touring 22-inch Promotional Sport Bag
Touring 22-inch Promotional Sport Bag
Item 4700-10
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Hit a hole in one for your marketing campaign by distributing Leed’s golf items, manufactured with care by the world-renowned company. Whether you are looking for corporate gifts to give to board members, for ways to show employees that you support their interests outside of work, or for prizes to contribute to a charity tournament, these products fit nearly all marketing purposes. There is a wide selection of Leed’s golf items from which to choose, including putter sets and divots as well as shoe bags and golf duffels. Practical, beautiful and well-made, these items make great gifts for top executives, board members and other professionals that work hard to make your business a success. While companies traditionally give cash bonuses during the holiday season, try distributing more thoughtful products come spring once the weather turns warmer.

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