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Amer Classic Zippered Padfolio
Cutter & Buck Amer Classic Zippered Padfolio
Item 9850-10
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Performance Writing Pad
Cutter & Buck Performance Writing Pad
Item 9860-02
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Legacy Tri-Fold Writing Pad
Cutter & Buck Legacy Tri-Fold Writing Pad
Item 9830-01
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Functional, practical, colorful and resilient, the Leed’s padfolios & jotters are an excellent way to increase your corporate branding and name recognition. With a name brand item, you give recipients a convenient and stylish way to take notes and carry presentation materials. After all, a quality, functional gift is one of the best ways to ensure that your brand message is delivered and that you bring in as many advertising exposures as possible. From sales meetings, interviews and presentations, to simply carrying extra work back and forth from home, a Leed’s padfolio or jotter is sure to be used again and again. During important meetings or seminars, even the most tech savvy tend to rely on traditional paper notepads for their note taking. And when out on a sales call or meeting, there is no quicker way to take notes than by pulling out your trusty notebook.

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