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Low Minimums
Because it's not quantity... it's quality.

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Eclipse Backpack Tote Item# 3400-38
as low as $10.63
Leed's Bamboo Photo Frame Item# 3002-32
as low as $8.21
Emerson Twist Item# 1015-36
as low as $4.60
Millennium Leather Card Wallet Item# 9500-69
as low as $6.76
DuraHyde Writing Pad Item# 0600-01
as low as $8.70
Windsor Impressions Writing Pad Item# 0551-01
as low as $8.21
Northwest Shoe Bag Item# 8300-43
as low as $6.28
Slazenger® Golf Rangefinder Item# 6050-51
as low as $16.92
MoMA Acrylic Calendar Item# M-CL177B
as low as $26.90
Calle Ii Large Wedge Cut Block Item# CA210
as low as $100.00
Stella Cristalo Star On Crystal Item# CA2700
as low as $105.00
Impressa Clock/Organizer Item# EC3305
as low as $9.95
Urbanus Series Money Clip Item# EM400
as low as $5.24
Circo 4 Item# EP4116
as low as $8.33
Fleece Stadium Blanket Item# LT-3353
as low as $12.98
Mini Backpack Item# 304
as low as $3.63
Zip-up Small Traveler Portfolio Item# 6804
as low as $4.83
Luggage Spotter Handle Item# VL1100
as low as $1.15
Mesh Laundry Bag Item# 3070
as low as $3.05
Fleece Stadium Custom Blanket Item# 7018
as low as $9.83
Promotional iPad Sleeve Item# 0598
as low as $8.13
Custom S'mores Kit Item# CSMKT
as low as $14.50

Low Minimum Promotional Products

The category of low minimum promotional products is designed to help shoppers quickly and easily locate high quality promotional products that available in smaller quantities, which is ideal for those who are on a tight budget or others who only need to purchase a few promotional items. The majority of low minimum promotional products are available at quantities of 100 (or even 50!) and options include popular gifts and giveaways ranging from stainless steel water bottles and wine carriers to more professional items such as portfolios, pens, sophisticated messenger bags and even valuable awards. Whether you work in the financial industry, at a not-for-profit organization, or anywhere in between, there are low minimum promotional products to fit your budget, target audience and promotional purpose.

Effectiveness of Low Minimum Promotional Products

No matter what the reason for distributing low minimum promotional products, studies show that these items have a huge impact on recipients’ ability to recall a company’s name. Furthermore, distributing a small amount of items to an appropriate target audience is often much more effective than aimlessly giving away personalized items to large groups. That is because well-defined target audiences are incredibly receptive to promotional products and are likely to hold onto these items for years to come, remembering the imprinted name when they are ready to do business. Thus, low minimum promotional products prove to be great value for the quantity and cost. Companies can distribute them to potential clients at small, relevant industry tradeshows; to loyal employees at small businesses; or even to test the results of a potential marketing idea.

Testing a Marketing Strategy with Low Minimum Promotional Products

In addition to helping companies save money and stick to their budgets, distributing low minimum promotional products is a great way for businesses to test the impact of their marketing strategies. For example, marketing professionals can distribute a few different items from the low minimum promotional products category to the same small group and ask for feedback on which promotional products the recipients find more engaging and appropriate. Another way to understand the effectiveness of a marketing campaign before going ahead full speed is to customize two sets on the same low minimum promotional products with slightly different coloring or font. In essence, this allows you to see which version of your logo is more valuable for certain types of audiences and helps you to be sure of the items’ effectiveness before distributing large amounts.

Low Minimum Promotional Products for Seasonal Giveaways

Once a company decides on their marketing strategy, choosing low minimum promotional products is also a great way to ensure the timeliness and appropriateness of seasonal giveaways. No one wants to be stuck with too many leftover promotional products that are specific to a certain season or event. While buying in bulk is a surefire way to save money, purchasing too many items that will not be distributed does not do a company any good. In order to maximize the success of your seasonal gifts and event-specific giveaways, be sure to estimate the number of people in attendance and order the appropriate number of items accordingly.

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