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Medical and Scrubs
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Personalized Scrubs For Professional Medical Practices

The allure of custom medical scrubs makes them a popular uniform for hospitals and doctors’ offices of all sizes and varieties. Not only do custom medical scrubs help ensure that medical practice personnel look professional, but they also allow for optimal range of motion and comfort so that staff members are able to administer quality care to patients day in and day out. Custom medical scrubs are functional workwear for doctors and healthcare practitioners around the globe, and their widespread acceptance as industry attire means that they are appropriate for nurses, doctors, and medical workers in a multitude of medical fields.

Personalized Medical Uniforms: From Lab Coats to Scrub Tops

The diverse styles of custom medical scrubs offered today allow medical workers to express their individuality while still coming across as approachable and qualified. Custom medical scrubs illustrate to patients that a caregiver is authorized to provide medical counsel. Additionally, many practices mandate the personalization of custom medical scrubs with workers’ first and/or surnames. This form of identification helps encourage strong relationships between staff members and patients over time, as well as influencing a patient’s comfort level while he or she is being evaluated and/or treated. New patients will be more likely to remember the names of doctors and nurses after seeing them embroidered on custom medical scrubs and returning patients will feel at ease immediately when they are met with familiar faces and names at a medical office.

Additional Reasons to Use Custom Medical Scrubs

Along with benefitting patients of your medical practice, custom medical scrubs make it easy for healthcare personnel to get dressed in the morning. The simple act of putting on a scrub top and scrub pants helps workers mentally prepare for the workday. Years of studying and genuine concern for the wellbeing of others earn medical workers the respect and admiration of the general public and this attire instantly informs passersby and patients of each individual’s profession. Another advantage of custom medical scrubs is their durability. Medical practitioners are often exposed to blood and other bodily fluids, and custom medical scrubs can withstand the wear and tear that comes along with administering medical services. Staff can just toss their uniform into the washing machine and dryer and it will typically emerge clean and ready to wear. Historically, custom medical scrubs were white to denote cleanliness and hygiene, but the color was not conducive to operating room environments, as the reflection of light off surgeons’ uniforms during procedures resulted in eye strain and patients were disturbed by the harsh appearance of red blood stains on white cotton. Softer shades of green were found to be easier on doctors’ eyes and less jarring to patients. Today, custom medical scrubs are available in a plethora of solid colors and prints, as well as gender neutral and gender specific styles. Workers at some pediatric practices even wear custom medical scrubs decorated with cartoon characters in order to better relate to young patients, who may experience anxiety and fear upon entering a doctor’s office!

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