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Multifunction Pens
Look here to find your new favorite pen.

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Curvaceous Ballpoint Stylus Item# PB2571
as low as $0.72
Sporty Shorty Item# PB1016
as low as $0.39
Silver Blossom Pen/Light Item# G1044
as low as $1.45
iWrite Touch Free Stylus with LED and Pen Item# IWRITELED2
as low as $4.20
Carabiner Pen Item# PL-1029
as low as $0.93
The Lido Neck Pen Item# 1540
as low as $0.67
Oxford Mini Dual Ballpoint and Stylus Item# 1065-84
as low as $3.05
Beverage Buddy 4-in-1 Beverage Buddy Item# BP7700
as low as $1.31
2-Tone Laser Light Item# LP01
as low as $3.99
Cental 2-in-1 Ballpoint/Tape Measure Item# BA5760
as low as $2.52
Color Twin-write Pen/highlighter Item# 342
as low as $0.59
Multi-Tasker Custom Pen/highlighter Item# PL-4317
as low as $1.18
Neon Tri-Twist Pen/pencil/highlighter Item# PL-4332
as low as $1.24
The Sovereign Laser Pen Item# SM-4538
as low as $5.76
Fusion Stylus Pen with Magnetic Cap Item# 32177
as low as $5.99
iPad® Stylus Ballpoint Pen Item# PL-4255
as low as $3.98
Flashlight With Light-Up Pen Item# 1532
as low as $0.96
Metallic Curvaceous Ballpoint Stylus Item# PB2572
as low as $0.99
Silverlite Pen/highlighter Item# PL-4228
as low as $0.78
The Nash Pen with Stylus Item# SM-4801
as low as $0.67
Mr. Highlighter Item# 550
as low as $1.93
Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus Item# 1065-08
as low as $1.50
Oro Ballpoint Pen Stylus Item# G1104
as low as $1.25
Shimmer Ballpoint Stylus Item# WM2355
as low as $3.99
iWrite Executive Stainless Pen with Stylus Item# IWRITE-EXEC
as low as $2.50
Vabene Mini Ballpoint Stylus Item# I105
as low as $1.12
Everyday Stylus Ballpoint Combo Item# PB0902
as low as $5.99
Screwdriver/Pen Item# 7230
as low as $0.73
Party Pen Item# 7219
as low as $2.89
My Style Lanyard Pen/Stylus Item# MYSTLPN
as low as $1.13
Premium Pen with Stylus Tip Item# PREMIUM
as low as $0.95
Triple Play Stylus/Pen/Highlighter Item# PL-4093
as low as $1.22
Asia Pen/Stylus Item# EC127
as low as $2.89
Tech II Ballpoint Stylus Item# 1067-01
as low as $2.80
Katon Ballpoint Stylus Item# 1067-03
as low as $4.83
Copa Color Tip Stylus Pen Item# CPP-3373
as low as $0.86
Lima Pen/ Stylus Item# CPP-3341
as low as $1.05
Colorful On-The-Go Stylus Item# CPP-3342
as low as $1.05
Bright White On-The-Go Stylus Item# CPP-3343
as low as $1.05
Stylus with Cleaning Cloth Item# CPP-3154
as low as $1.34
3-In-1 Stylus, Pen, Light Item# CPP-3355
as low as $1.15
Stylus, Pen & Highlighter Combo Item# CPP-3352
as low as $1.44
Metropolitan Ballpoint Stylus Item# 1067-04
as low as $2.89
The Ziggy Pen-Stylus Item# SM-4125
as low as $0.76
The Kong Multi-Ink Pen Item# SM-4151
as low as $0.86
3-in-1 Ballpoint Pen & Stylus Keychain Item# BV1220
as low as $0.85
Stylus Pen Light Item# BB3320
as low as $2.31
Comet Stylus/Ballpoint Pen Item# PL-4091
as low as $1.76
Soledad Tri-Color Pen with Stylus Item# 7810
as low as $1.18
Cubist Pen & Highlighter Item# PL-4081
as low as $0.79
Dart Pen with Stylus Item# 947
as low as $0.36
Mini Vibrant Tip Ballpoint Stylus Item# 1067-45
as low as $2.41
4 in 1 Pen with Stylus Item# 447
as low as $1.00
Scripto Score Ballpoint Stylus Click Item# 6002-37
as low as $0.96
The Sir Ballpoint Stylus Item# 1067-60
as low as $1.92
Javalina Stylus Item# 331
as low as $0.46
Mardi Gras Pen & Stylus Item# 417
as low as $0.66
Clenmore Ballpoint Stylus Item# 6002-44
as low as $0.89

Beyond a writing utensil that just writes well, multi-function pens that perform an additional task equally as well as they write are a great way to communicate your organization’s ability to wear various hats. These products make effective, practical and high-quality gifts that do more than sit on someone's desk. They serve as a functional tool and go-to gadget of choice for all of those daily duties and tasks that require a little something extra. And when you choose to give your clients, employees and potential business prospects a product, their practical nature will become synonymous with your brand. An unobtrusive size, giving a business contact a one of these versatile items is a great way to ensure your organization will be the subject of frequent discussions and social interactions. Because no matter who you need or want to market to, there is an appropriate multi-function pen that will work for your target demographic.

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