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Dri-FIT Swoosh Front Cap Item# 548533
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Dri-FIT All-Over Mesh Cap Item# 578680
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Branding with Nike Hats

In 1964 American Track and Field coach, Bill Bowerman and runner Philip Knight, founded the sportswear company Blue Ribbon Sports, now Nike, Inc. Today, Nike is responsible for apparel such as custom Nike hats, athletic shoes, and sporting equipment. As a "premium brand name" company, Nike products bring with it a distinguished image of quality and luxury. For this reason, Nike products such as custom Nike hats, shoes, and equipment draw customers to their band.

Promotional Nike Baseball Caps

If your company is looking for a way to expose their brand and services, consider distributing custom Nike hats as a gift or a giveaway to current and potential clients. Not only are you instantly marketing for your company when distributing quality custom Nike hats, but you are also associating your brand with a certain caliber company and their products.

Strategically Market with Custom Nike Hats

People value specific products and apparel that are socially accepted. Various marketing studies have show people use company brands as a way to self express. So, when your company uses a top brand like Nike, customers and employees are more apt to wear the name brand custom Nike hat or renown custom New Era hats over a generic custom printed hat because it accentuates their identity. Similarly, when current customers or potential clients acquire your company's custom Nike hat, they value your service because you chose to associate with a premium sports brand.

Support Your Team with Custom Nike Hats

Custom Nike hats, and other brand name apparel can be used as a marketing tool to target specific audiences. If your company is involved with the sports, fashion, or the health and wellness industries, consider using custom Nike hats or other Nike apparel as a marketing tool. Through out the years, Nike has associated itself with some of the world's greatest athletes. When your company goes to sponsor a specific sporting event such as golf, audiences who support Tiger Woods will subconsciously be drawn to your company's custom Nike hats because of Tiger's endorsement! Your audience will perceive the custom Nike hat as a quality, trendy promotional product. As an added plus, because your customers want to associate with Tiger woods, the Nike brand, and ultimately your company, customers become a walking marketing tool for your brand.

Companies can distribute custom Nike hats to strategically market their products and services during sporting events and specifically sporting teams. Custom Nike hats can be distributed during sponsorships, player signings, equipment advertising, corporate events, game day promotions, and even as fan merchandise supporting specific players and teams. However, your company does not have to be directly involved with a team in order to distribute custom Nike hats with your company's logo. For example, perhaps your company is a national water vendor and are distributing custom Nike hats during a dunk contest, or as a promotional tool for a local bank's sponsorship of a community baseball park. In all of these instances, branded sports apparel such as custom Nike hats can be distributed as a promotional tool or advertising tool for your company.

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