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Office Toys
For your 3-walled home away from home.

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Magic Answer Ball Item# PL-4575
as low as $3.78
Global Sonic Rocks® Item# PL-8200
as low as $4.25
Pieceless Puzzle ™ Large Item# 31403
as low as $3.99
Round Promo-Spring Item# PL-0367
as low as $1.15
Rubik's® 4-Panel Mini Stock Cube Item# PL-4675
as low as $5.68
Mind Trap 3D Puzzle Item# 1025-61
as low as $2.89
Zoom Glider Promotional Airplane Flyer Item# 090150
as low as $1.54
Perplexia Master Pyramid Item# 1240-03
as low as $5.50
FIKI Football Game Set Item# 47238
as low as $4.36
The Spaghetti Yo-Yo Item# T-721
as low as $1.44
Eye-Grow Promotional Plant Item# DR1003RD
as low as $3.09
Dogbert Stress Reliever Item# LDB-DG06
as low as $2.23
Dilbert Stress Reliever Item# LDB-DL06
as low as $2.59
Catbert Stress Reliever Item# LDB-CB06
as low as $2.23
The Boss Stress Reliever Item# LDB-BS06
as low as $2.59
Wally Stress Reliever Item# LDB-WL06
as low as $2.59
Alice Stress Reliever Item# LDB-AL06
as low as $2.59
Goofy Grow Pot Set Item# DR1002BR
as low as $2.35
Slam-It! Rocket Item# T-474
as low as $1.83
Eraser Bracelet Item# 02080
as low as $0.80
DōGo Item# 24913
as low as $2.16
DōGo - 3-D Lid Item# 24914
as low as $2.49

Office toys are a great way to advertise your business while providing recipients with a fun gift at the same time. Who couldn't use a little more fun in their day, really? Because when you give a potential or current client an item like this, you also give them a way to take a mental break from a long day. From puzzle cubes and mindbenders to stress relievers and balls, there are hundreds options to choose from. They'll appreciate the gesture and will be reminded of your company and thoughtful gift each and every time they play a round of darts, put together a puzzle or look to their magic answer ball for guidance. And because office toys sit on the desk of recipients, your logo and message gets prime visibility each and every business day.

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