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Leather Bill Distressed Cap
District Leather Bill Distressed Cap
Item DT611
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Maximize Marketing Efforts with Custom Imprinted Caps

Promote your company with customized promotional hats. Promotional products such as promotional hats are one of the most cost-effective way to advertise your brand. The cost per impression of promotional products are far greater than any TV, radio, or print marketing campaign that many companies spend hundred's of thousands of dollars on. But why hats? Promotional hats are one of the most versatile, cost efficient, long-lasting, and functional promotional items out there. Hats are not gender specific nor are they specifically associated with sports. Hats can be worn stylishly, to keep warm, to protect one's face from the elements, or to mask unruly hair, to name a few. And, the statistics prove promotional hats work as a marketing tool. According to ASI and Counselor Magazine, both associated with the promotional products industry, 89% of business people remember the advertisers who distributed promotional hats. Not only can promotional hats be an effective, long-lasting advertising tool, but people who receive promotional products from a company develop a more favorable impression of that company. So, for your next marketing campaign, spend your money on an advertisement that works: promotional hats.

Promotional Cowboy Hats- Not Just for the Rodeo

There are promotional hats for every event, season, and trade show! The many functions of a hat make it an appropriate and functional gift or giveaway for corporate or festive events. Perhaps your media company is broadcasting a winter sporting event, consider distributing promotional hats like beanies or ski-caps with your agencies logo as a promotional giveaway. Or perhaps your company is throwing a Western themed corporate event, as a party favor distribute promotional cowboy hats custom printed with sponsors' logos. Many brands also use promotional hats as a giveaway in order to advertise and promote a new product line. However you chose to utilize promotional hats, they will visibly and clearly communicate your marketing message for all to see.

Customize Promotional Hats for Athletic Team wear

Planning on organizing a corporate softball team or other outdoor adventure? Outfit your players with promotional baseball caps customized with your company logo. Hats today can be made out of many different materials to fit your active needs. Whether you need a hat to repel UV rays, or a sweat sweeping material to stay dry, all promotional athletic hats can be customized for your company activities. Employees will also appreciate their custom hats. Distributing promotional athletic apparel, like baseball hats, unifies participants so they feel more cohesive on the field. Additionally, not only will players utilize this functional gift, they will also be advertising your company on and off the playing field. Promotional hats can also keep employees motivated year-round. When employees are given incentives or rewarded for their work they are eager to continue working hard. When employees wear their hat custom printed with the company logo, they will be reminded of their employer's notice and reward their good work, promote healthy lifestyles through corporate activities, and are generous. These characteristics create a happy and productive working environment.

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