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Round Reflector ID Tag Item# 3220
as low as $0.76
Dog-Shaped Pet Waste Bag Dispenser Item# 603-8112
as low as $2.73
Paw Keep-it Clip™ Item# 425
as low as $0.85
Custom Collapsible Pet Water Bowl Item# 3255
as low as $3.25
Glow Dog Balls Item# 608-0026
as low as $6.73
Heart Shaped Pet Frame Ornament Item# 610-0058
as low as $4.02
Pet T-Shirt Item# 609-2500
as low as $7.94
Natural Dog Treats in Tube Item# 607-0026
as low as $2.54
3/4 Item# APTNY34.LSH
as low as $2.75
Paw Bank Item# 603-0248
as low as $2.80
Glitter Cat Themed Frame Ornament Item# 610-0066
as low as $6.81
Small Scoop-it Bowl™ Item# 3240
as low as $1.41
Pet Hair Removal Roller Item# 603-8084
as low as $1.73
3/4 Item# APTS34.COLL
as low as $5.17
Pet Shammy Towel Item# 607-6076
as low as $2.90
Perky Pet Treat Container Item# 3230
as low as $2.55
Cotton Collar Bandana - Large Item# 602-2172
as low as $2.29
Pet Litter Scoop Item# 3210
as low as $1.80
Poopy Pet Bag Dispenser Item# 3260
as low as $1.92
Domestic Pet Bandana Item# 602-2184
as low as $1.90
Woven Heavy Duty Elite Plus Collars Item# 705-6072
as low as $5.08
Pet First Aid Bandana Item# 602-2178
as low as $2.33
Tennis Ball Toy Item# 608-0024
as low as $3.06
Twist Pet Brush Item# 603-0026
as low as $2.04
Bone Tennis Ball Item# 603-8022
as low as $2.95
Dog Bone Pack with Header Item# 605-8040
as low as $1.76
Dog Bone Treat Pack Item# 605-8038
as low as $1.19
Cotton Collar Bandana - Small Item# 602-2170
as low as $1.99
Item# 610-0054
as low as $3.72
Dog Bone Gift Bag Item# 605-8042
as low as $2.48
Glitter Dog Themed Frame Ornament Item# 610-0064
as low as $6.81
Full Color Pet Tags - Small Item# 609-6380
as low as $5.19
Woof Bone Ornament with Bell Item# 610-0056
as low as $3.72
Pet Food Scoop'N Clip™ Item# 3205
as low as $1.83
Custom Toy Item# 609-0040
as low as $7.85
Gourmet Dog Cookies Gift Pack - Small Item# 601-8014
as low as $4.60
Gourmet Dog Cookies Gift Pack - Large Item# 601-8016
as low as $8.48
Cat & Wreath with Bell Ornament Item# 610-0052
as low as $2.85
Frosted Dog Cookie Treats Item# 601-8018
as low as $8.28
Rawhide Dog Bone Treat Item# 705-6570
as low as $3.51
Dog Bone Treat Tin - Small Item# 605-8046
as low as $2.02
Pet Easel Photo Frame Item# 608-2260
as low as $3.15
Pet Health Interactive Slider Chart Item# 602-8004
as low as $0.64
Full Color Dog Tag - Large Item# 609-6282
as low as $5.34
Pet Waste Bag Dispenser Item# 603-8104
as low as $2.44
Woven 1/2 Item# 705-6000
as low as $3.20
Woven Organic Collar Item# 705-6012
as low as $5.19
Woven Elite Plus Slip Leashes Item# 705-6095
as low as $5.14
Item# 602-8034
as low as $0.75
All-Natural Dog Bone Treat Item# 607-0024
as low as $1.98
Recycled Rubber Pet Mat Item# 607-6086
as low as $1.32
Pet Pedometer Item# 607-8062
as low as $3.92
Emergency Rescue Wall Decal Item# 608-4190
as low as $0.71
Compressed Sponges Item# 607-6324
as low as $1.41
Paw Mega Magnet Clip Item# 1974
as low as $1.25
Medium Scoop-it Bowl™ Item# 3245
as low as $1.60
Woven Reflective Leashes Item# 705-6035
as low as $7.43
Paw Letter Slitter Item# 2425
as low as $0.63
Puffed Kitty Ornament Item# 610-0050
as low as $3.72
Bone Stress Ball Item# SB534
as low as $1.14
Pet Leash Item# APTS34
as low as $7.17
3/4 Item# APTNL34.COLL
as low as $2.50

One of the best ways to get the attention of animal-crazy consumers is by providing them with unique pet products that represents a mutual appreciation for, or can even be shared with, their furry friends. At Pinnacle Promotions, our pet products range from office accessories shaped like paw prints, leashes, and collars to items designed to be enjoyed by cuddly creatures themselves and even some items that will simply remind your audience of their beloved pets, as well as your brand, whenever they utilize them. Not only are these products appropriate for businesses directly related to animal care, like veterinary practices, they are also excellent tools for non-profit organizations dealing with animal rights issues. Pet-lovers are everywhere, and you may be surprised by how many of your customers and employees are inseparable from their animals.

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