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Leatherette Photo Album
Leatherette Photo Album
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Life changes in a blink of an eye and promotional photo albums are a perfect gift to help clients and employees cherish their memories. Straightforward, timeless, and beautiful on display, they make great promotional merchandise. You can give clients a blank album for them to fill with their favorite photos, or you can give employees albums that are pre-loaded with fun, company images- perhaps a company picnic or outing. Either way, they are a perfect way for recipients of all ages to reminisce about good times. Not only that, but they also flaunt your company’s name and brand logo. You will be thanked for these promotional photo albums, which also work towards building your brand’s identity. At Pinnacle Promotions, our selection includes unique easel designs that facilitate display hold between 20 and 40 images. And with a range of product materials, colors and imprinting options, you can preserve perfect memories easily and thoughtfully.

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