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Men's Jersey Pocket Tee Item# 3021
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Are Tee Shirts Promotional Items for Everyone?

There are countless reasons why you might be looking for customized tee shirts. These promotional items are one of the most popular ways to advertise a brand’s logo or message, to show appreciation to employees or customers, and to simply raise awareness about an organization and its mission. Any style and color of t-shirt can be branded with a logo, making your options for this versatile item as vast as your imagination itself. There are many different types of customized tee shirts: long-sleeved t-shirts, with long sleeves that extend to the wrists to cover the wearer’s arms; ringer tees, with a separate piece of fabric that is usually a different color sewn on to accent the sleeve and collar hems; cropped t-shirts or halfshirts, with a high hem that typically comes to above the waistline; and pocket t shirts, with a pocket on the left breast that is large enough to hold a credit card, cash, bottlecaps, or any of a variety of promotional items. Long-sleeved t-shirts are often available in the pocket tee style as well, and a number of variations on these main styles include baseball tees, henleys, and even sleeveless types of customized tee shirts.

Effective Branding with Custom Pocket T Shirts

Have you ever been at a sporting event where a mascot or representative of your favorite team (or perhaps their opponent) has used a tee shirt gun to blast promotional t-shirts at fans in the crowd? You might have even seen a fight break out over a particularly interesting or high-quality tee during a customized tee shirts giveaway. In reality, fans were fighting over the opportunity to plaster a logo onto their chest, providing the brand whose imprint appeared on the shirt with some great, low-cost advertising: every brand’s dream. Indeed, there is no easier way for your company or organization to get its message out into the world than by distributing free customized tee shirts to individuals on the sidewalk, at an event, or in return for some personal information; you will find that people are more than willing to give up their e-mail address for complimentary promotional products or apparel. You might also decide to distribute customized tee shirts imprinted with your brand’s logo and message as a gift with purchase to customers, or to make it a part of an incentive program to improve customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of a return visit to your brick and mortar location or even your website. Customized tee shirts are typically a lightweight item, so mailing them to the winner of a contest you hold online to increase buzz surrounding your brand on the Internet does not have to occur at a sizable added cost, and by sending individuals around the country and even the world a customized tee shirt you’ll be implementing an effective national or global marketing campaign that will be worn and seen by real people.

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