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Portable Radios as Premium Giveaways

Portable radios are unique promotional products that serve as eye-catching giveaways at industry trade shows and events. Whether you work in the technology industry, the energy sector, or in financial services, radios can effectively promote your brand to prospective clients and employees alike. In fact, these affordable giveaways can help your organization to be heard above the noise of other company's marketing efforts. Give them out to everyone who stops by the booth to hear a company presentation and when recipients arrive home from the show, they will take out their functional gift items and see the imprinted company name. In addition, since portable radios are designed to be, well, portable, recipients' friends and family members will also see the imprinted design as recipients listen to music on-the-go. However, this has not always been the case; radios have progressed since they were first invented during the 1800s.

A History of Portable Radios

Radio technology first evolved as a means to transmit the written word. During the late 1800s, Thomas Edison and his employees, along with a few other inventors, experimented with electric sparks and eventually built a system that could transmit signals at long distances, thus leading to the transmission of sound and the birth of the modern radio. Originally, radios were large, static pieces of equipment. However, slim, portable radios have since replaced bulky radio sets, undergoing extensive changes from transistor sets to Walkmans in the process. Today, radios are small, sleek items, some of which feature satellite technology or even include pedometers. These high tech instruments bring rich listening experiences to users, wherever they go. In fact, personal portable radios still enjoy tremendous popularity, despite the introduction of MP3 players, such as iPods, that digitally store audio files.

Portable Radios for the Healthcare Industry

While portable radios make great gifts and giveaways for organizations in all industries, they offer particular advantages for promoting healthcare-oriented messages. As many radios feature pedometers, fans, or carabiners that allow recipients to easily carry them while participating in physical activity, these items are great for encouraging lifestyle changes and healthy life choices. Organizations that sponsor local walks and fundraisers can distribute portable radios to help raise money for a cause or even to thank volunteers for donating their time and energy. Recipients will appreciate receiving these functional, eye-catching items and distributers will like that they provide an affordable alternative to MP3 players.

Portable Radios as Corporate Holiday Gifts

In addition to using portable radios to promote healthy living, these items make great end-of-year holiday gifts for customers and employees. Organizations can distribute them at the office, or use them as souvenirs at an office holiday party. However you plan to distribute the portable radios, make sure to imprint them with your company's name and logo. Choose a color that works well with the imprint or customize a portable audio player in white in order to make a logo truly pop. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet tunes of recipients praising your thoughtful gifts.

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