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Elite Series Dri-FIT Vertical Texture Bonded Polo
Nike Golf Elite Series Dri-FIT Vertical Texture Bonded Polo
Item 429437
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Elite Series Dri-FIT Ottoman Bonded Polo
Nike Golf Elite Series Dri-FIT Ottoman Bonded Polo
Item 429439
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Elite Series Dri-FIT Heather Fine Line Bonded Polo
Nike Golf Elite Series Dri-FIT Heather Fine Line Bonded Polo
Item 429438
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A Timeline of Promotional Premium Golf Apparel

The origins of promotional premium golf apparel can be blurry. Depending upon cultural traditions, each country had its own interpretation of golf apparel. One thing is for certain in this sports history; golfers have maintained a unique sense of style in the sporting world. In the early 1700's and 1800's European golfers sported kilts, knee length-breeches, and stockings. At the turn of the century golf apparel, though still unique, became more conservative and mainstream. Golfers wore formal gear, sporting trousers and long tail jackets. Promotional premium golf apparel remained in this conservative fashion for quite some time. The fashion changed, however, when golf legend Arnold Palmer hit the course. A new wave of casual promotional premium golf apparel arose and golfers went from pleated and pressed to relaxed and loose. As the game of golf grew in popularity, players began to search for their own image in the golfing world. To do this, many created their own logos, wearing personalized golf shirts, and exotic colors. Some golfers, like Jack Nicklaus, became known not only for their skills but by their personalized logo.

Imprint Logos on Promotional Premium Golf Apparel

Now that business is discussed on the golf course, what better way to promote your brand than customizing promotional premium golf apparel. Think of it as six free hours of advertising time. While talking business on the course, look professional by wearing custom promotional premium golf apparel. Companies competing in golf tournaments not only look polished in their personalized golf shirts, but they are endorsing their brand at the same time. Whether the company is trying to keep employees looking professional while networking, or a golfer is looking to promote their logo on the putting green, customizing promotional premium golf apparel is an easy way to endorse their brand.

How Promotional Premium Golf Apparel Promotes Brand Awareness

Personalizing promotional premium golf apparel is a great way to increase brand awareness. Brand awareness is the amount to which a particular brand is associated with a specific product. In fact, creating brand awareness is the best way to bring a new product, company, or effort to life. It is crucial to include brand awareness in a marketing plan because it is one of the key influences in buying behaviors. Clothing, especially athletic ware is a great way to create company awareness. Major apparel companies like Nike, Adidas, and Titleist increase their brand awareness on the golf course by embroidering their logos on promotional premium golf apparel.

Use Promotional Premium Golf Apparel to Promote Philanthropies

Many philanthropic groups will embroider their logos on promotional premium golf apparel and various other promotional products. Different fundraising events through out the year can be promoted using promotional apparel. Philanthropy groups can ask professional sporting teams to embroider their logo on equipment to increase awareness. Some athletes even personally endorse specific philanthropies and sell apparel and other promotional products to raise money for their cause. Having companies and individuals prevalent in the media endorse a foundation or event often results in outstanding revenue. Often, professional sporting teams are so competitive, selling promotional products for philanthropic purposes becomes another competing factor within the league. With these kind of results, it is apparent that customizing promotional sports apparel is a highly effective way to raise money for a cause.

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