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Restaurant Clothing

Restaurant clothing is more than just a way to brand a restaurant, food shop, or manufacturing plant; it is a functional necessity for every organization in the restaurant and food service industry. In fact, the food industry requires workers to wear certain types of restaurant clothing in order to meet health codes. For example, chefs must always cover their heads to keep hair away from the food and in general it is also a good idea for them to wear flame-retardant clothing in case of any cooking mishaps. While most of the strict apparel and uniform regulations do not apply to bartenders or wait staff, outfitting these employees with appropriate work wear can enhance the ambience of an eatery and even increase employee productivity and performance.

Restaurant Clothing to Promote any Eatery

As a result of the high demand for restaurant clothing, restaurants and bars rank as some of the top ten industries on the list of top promotional products buyers. Why is restaurant apparel so popular? Well, outfitting waiters and bartenders in uniforms creates a cohesive look and provides a great ambience at any given restaurant. With corresponding men’s and women’s button down shirts, restaurant apparel allows those in the food service industry to represent their business with elegance and class. Not only does restaurant apparel provide valuable advertising for a brand, but with such a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials, employers can select branded clothing that is comfortable and that employees will actually enjoy wearing. Everyone from fast food restaurants to sophisticated eateries can find restaurant clothing that fits their brand needs and helps employees to look good while beating the hustle and bustle of any dining crowd.

Restaurant Clothing Increases Wait Staff Performances

Appropriate restaurant clothing creates a uniform look for servers and offers more advantages than simply distributing classic cotton polo shirts. While classic polos can certainly lend to a sophisticated look, shirts that are specifically designed as restaurant apparel are often both soil and wrinkle resistant. Soil and wrinkle resistant restaurant clothing guarantees that servers will look their best from the beginning of the shift to the end because employees do not have to iron these shirts or treat them for stains. Moisture wicking shirts will also keep servers fresh and dry during happy hours and the 8 p.m. dinner crowd rush. In addition, many collared shirts designed for restaurant wear feature extra-strong gripper snap closures to guarantee that no server will suffer from any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions while on the job.

Restaurant Clothing for the Education Industry

There are a variety of different organizations in a wide range of industries that can benefit from outfitting employees in appropriate restaurant apparel. In addition to traditional restaurants, organizations in the education industry should also consider using restaurant clothing to create a suitable look for on campus dining. By distributing professional button down shirts to food servers, students will know who to ask if they have any questions regarding ingredients or food allergies. Meanwhile, potential students will surely notice the atmosphere in the cafeteria when they visit campus. Like school cafeterias, corporate cafeteria managers can also outfit every employee with a comfortable and fashionable restaurant uniform that will promote the brand effortlessly!

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