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Heathered Jersey Perfect Weight Ringer Tee
District Heathered Jersey Perfect Weight Ringer Tee
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Custom Ringer T Shirts

Help your organization to stand out from other boring brands and basic t shirts by distributing custom ringer t shirts. A ringer t shirt is defined as a promo t shirt that is one solid color and features an accent color for the sleeves and neckline. In essence, these shirts add style to the basic functionality and comfort of cotton apparel, without sacrificing those important characteristics. Although traditional ringer clothing was white and black, today custom ringer t shirts come in an assortment of colors and styles.

Custom Ringer T Shirts during the 1960s

Custom ringer t shirts grew to fame during the 1960s, when they first became popular among the teenage generation. During this time period, ringer t shirts were a symbol of revolution and change and were very fashionable with musicians and those who were big fans of rock and roll. Developments in the fields of ink and printing technology during the mid to late twentieth century also lead to the emergence of tie died, screen printed and graphic tees. Like ringer t shirts, these styles stood for revolt against the more traditional style in both apparel and other aspects of society. While rock-n-roll inspired graphic t shirts are still popular today, the development of more affordable materials and influx of more corporate interest in the apparel market brought t-shirts to the masses, decreasing their symbolic representation of revolt along the way.

Custom Ringer T Shirts Today

As is typical given the cyclical nature of the fashion industry, custom ringer t shirts are popular again after a slight disappearance from the market during the 1980s and ‘90s. Today, retro inspired ringer t shirts are trendy must-haves for teens and young adults of all ages and both genders and companies can distribute these promo t shirts to harness the large buying power of youth ages 8-21. In particular, companies that manufacture or sell consumer goods including (but not limited to) CDs, DVDs and video games should consider these shirts as a cost-efficient and effective way to reach key people in their target audience, who can in turn create buzz to promote a brand.

Custom Ringer T Shirts for Athletes

While custom ringer t shirts were once reserved for music fans only- and then hit the mass market- today, athletes often wear these promo t shirts. In fact, ringer t shirts with Raglan sleeves afford players’ extra movement because these sleeves are crafted from one, larger piece of material instead of multiple pieces that are sewn together. Baseball players, in particular, sport two-toned ringer tees with three-quarter length sleeves both on and off the diamond. Schools and sports leagues can distribute these to student athletes; they would also make great giveaways for campers to commemorate a great summer spent playing outdoors. However, promo t shirts aren’t just for kids and in fact make great corporate gifts for employees who play on an office sports team. With their bright colors and stylish looks, custom ringer t shirts will sure to hit a home run for any marketing campaign!

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