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Sewing/manicure Kit With Case
Sewing/manicure Kit With Case
Item 8525
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Sewing kits come in handy for a variety of workplace mini-emergencies. Imagine your cubicle-mate, let’s call her Charlene, popped a button off her jacket this morning when she ran into the deliveryman entering the office. She has to give a presentation to a client after lunch. When Charlene realizes the button is missing, she retraces her steps, discovers the rogue button in the doorjamb, and borrows your useful, branded item to repair the damage before the big meeting. Not just help around the busy American office, these items are equally as valuable to users at home too. Recipients will enjoy having these useful items on hand at the drop of a button and will associate that level on convenience and preparedness with your organization. So whatever the brand, sewing kits make stitching together a marketing plan fun and inexpensive.

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