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Bluetooth® Cylinder Mini Speaker
Bluetooth® Cylinder Mini Speaker
Item Pl-4404
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Mini Bluetooth Sound Kube
Mini Bluetooth Sound Kube
Item PL-4403
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Since we live in a digital age, using speakers to broadcast your company name and logo is the perfect way to ensure that your message will be heard. These products are unique and easy to brand, making them ideal vehicles for taking your organization’s identity to the next level. Additionally, they are often prominently displayed on desktops, tables and even in the kitchen so people can listen to music (and think about your brand) while they cook. Travel speakers are another great option because they can be transported back and forth between home and office. But whichever style you choose, recipients of all ages will love these fun and function products, that remind them of your organization’s mission, every time they listen to music or watch a movie.

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