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Happy Face Laughing Stress Reliever
Goofy Group Happy Face Laughing Stress Reliever
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Medical Man Stress Reliever
Goofy Group Medical Man Stress Reliever
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Stress balls for your body and your brand are highly cost effective promotional items and one of the most popular products in the industry! By simply customizing one of these with your company name and logo, you can create a fun and simple way to promote your brand. But the positive effects of these stress relievers stretch beyond acting as excellent advertising tools. Included in the list of benefits are; lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and a calm relaxed feeling throughout your entire body and mind. Stress relievers can also help relieve muscle tension and have become staples at office desks where injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome from typing are common. So why not help employees and clients release their muscle tension and their focus on stressful matters, and focus on your brand instead, with promotional stress balls?

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