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Collapsible Koozie® Bottle Kooler
Collapsible Koozie® Bottle Kooler
Item 45067
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The Can Cooler Shop at Pinnacle Promotions has items available in many different shapes, colors and materials such as neoprene, polyester and open cell foam. Although they have evolved from a traditional logo screen printed onto cylindrical foam, the basic principle and effectiveness remains the same. Not sure about the differences between the materials? Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber known for its ability to stay flexible and maintain insulating properties across a wide range of temperatures. Polyester is a more commonly known material that can contain either natural or synthetic components. When compared to the previously mentioned fabrics, foam has an exceptionally breathable quality. Can coolers are small and transportable; some are even collapsible for storage. And, while some - like wine sleeves - are designed with a specific beverage in mind, most are created to fit a generic can containing your beverage of choice.

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