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Primary Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3525
as low as $1.52
Eco Stowaway Sticky Jotter with Pen Item# PL-4260
as low as $1.25
Hold That! Mobile Phone Holder Item# SM-3207
as low as $0.86
Endeavor Luggage Tag Item# 1755
as low as $0.95
Manchester Padfolio Item# 0400-10
as low as $15.47
Mini Business Card Promotional Jotter Item# MP148
as low as $0.99
Business Card Slitter Plus™ Item# 1405
as low as $1.44
Florida Flyer Item# SM-7435
as low as $0.86
Promotional Sticky Book Item# PL-0466
as low as $1.72
Promotional Cinch Pack - 14 Item# 3071
as low as $1.40
Ice Cream Scoop-it™ Item# 1330
as low as $1.05
Smooth Stadium Cup - 16oz Item# 16S
as low as $0.50
Heavy Duty Flashlight Item# 0045-05
as low as $14.50
12-piece Corporate Logo Cookie Gift Basket Item# BSKT-9RND
as low as $21.21
Eco Safe 24 oz. Custom Water Bottle Item# PL-3751
as low as $1.31
1 oz. Unscented Clear Sanitizer Item# QZS10
as low as $1.02
Ring-A-Ling Promotional Stadium Cowbell Item# SM-7677
as low as $1.05
Milano Pocket Jotter Item# 9100-66
as low as $2.41
Camo Compu-Backpack Item# 0045-50
as low as $33.86
Piccolo Cooler Tote Item# 9265
as low as $6.29
Stethoscope ID Tag Item# 3820
as low as $0.91
Paw Keep-it Clip™ Item# 425
as low as $0.85
Custom Stress Ball Item# 4088
as low as $0.93
Flexible Promotional Vase Item# PL-4101
as low as $1.26
Sierra Translucent Promotional Pen Item# 856
as low as $0.46
Smiley Guy Mobile Device Holder Item# PL-4140
as low as $2.90
Libation Instant Hot Chocolate Item# CF110
as low as $0.80
Oval Pill Box Item# 3575
as low as $0.55
Pocket Flag Buddy Item# MP024
as low as $1.49
Metropolitan Pencil Cup Clock Item# 1100-21
as low as $19.34
Insulated Bottle Set 18oz Item# 0045-07
as low as $24.18
Natural Finish Ruler Item# RN125
as low as $0.23
Traveler Rectangular Luggage Tag Item# 1720
as low as $0.67
Leed's DuraHyde Promotional Padfolio Item# 0600-10
as low as $10.15
Java Double Scoop Item# 1822
as low as $0.86
Custom Stacking Highlighters Item# PL-4234
as low as $1.38
DuraHyde Writing Pad Item# 0600-01
as low as $8.70
Game Day Cinch Bag Item# 3251-01
as low as $4.15
Tumbler 12oz Item# 0045-09
as low as $11.60
Credit Card Bottle Opener™ Item# 1000C
as low as $1.12
Excel Sport Deluxe Brief Item# 8200-09
as low as $7.73
Soda Can Speaker Item# 7199-25
as low as $14.50
Morph Football Promotional Cinch Pack Item# 7038-FBALL
as low as $4.18
Game Day Mason Jar 24oz Item# 1623-75
as low as $7.25
Grocery Grab-it™ Item# 1810
as low as $1.31
Vintage Double Wall Mason 20 oz Item# 1624-33
as low as $4.83
Camo 22 Item# 0045-40
as low as $29.02
X-one Mug Item# X-ONE
as low as $2.00
Value Letter Slitter Item# 2400
as low as $0.63
Norcross Promotional USB Drive (24 Hour) Item# Norcross
as low as $7.37
Java Scoop'N Clip Item# 1820
as low as $0.86
Beverage Wrap – Neoprene Item# PL-3823
as low as $1.25
Gumbite® Dolli Mobile Phone Holder Item# PL-4475
as low as $2.99
Kennedy Promotional Luggage Tag Item# TVT110
as low as $1.09
Economy Non Woven Tote Bag Item# 3330
as low as $1.01
Buy Write Pencil Item# BWG
as low as $0.15
The Post Spiral Mini Custom Notepad Item# SM-3462
as low as $0.83
Bowl Scrape-it™ Item# 1315
as low as $0.67
Cool Gear Hydrator Sports Bottle Item# PL-3822
as low as $6.38
Colonnade Roller Ball Item# 1015-06
as low as $3.92
Guitar Pick Mobile Stylus Item# 7140-20
as low as $1.92
Original Screen Sweep™ Item# 1500
as low as $0.67
Non Woven Tote Bag With Trim Colors Item# 3034
as low as $1.50
Hulo Promotional Pen Item# 356
as low as $0.44
Traveler Round Luggage Tag Item# 1725
as low as $0.67
Renaissance Presentation Portfolio Item# 1000-27
as low as $32.89
Antique Key Silicone Tag Item# UQ1107
as low as $4.48
6 Item# PDBR6
as low as $0.42
Big Squeeze 24 oz. Sport Bottle Item# PL-0562
as low as $1.53
Pro Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3555
as low as $3.86
Signature Cotton 12 oz. Zippered Tote Item# 7900-46
as low as $6.28
Business Card Promotional Magnet Item# BCE24
as low as $0.11
5 Item# MP100
as low as $1.99
Tiger Golf Tees Item# GTS100
as low as $0.07
21 Oz Sportster Mug Item# STR21
as low as $3.20
Pacific Trail Cooler Item# 3100-50
as low as $10.25
Icool 12 Item# IC125
as low as $0.70
Heart Letter Slitter Item# 2422
as low as $0.63
Excel Sport Zippered Travel Tote Item# 8200-37
as low as $4.83
12 oz Mini Latte Mug Item# 1301
as low as $2.89
Millennium Leather Personal Jotter Item# 9500-72
as low as $6.38
Great White Convention Tote Item# 2301-10
as low as $2.89
Ocean Spray Custom Cooler Bag Item# SM-7416
as low as $1.83
Explorer Luggage Tag Item# 1750
as low as $0.95
Aluminum Flashlight Keychain Item# 2505
as low as $2.25
Solid Jersey Gel Promotional Mouse Pad Item# SM-3310
as low as $5.80
StayFit Promotional Lunch Cooler Express Item# 1025-82
as low as $8.70
Buckle-it Luggage Tag™ Item# 1745
as low as $1.25
French Dip Tote Item# 7201-02
as low as $4.44
4 Item# 404
as low as $0.63
Slim Pocket Calculator Item# LC40
as low as $1.99
Thirstinator Sipper With Infuser Item# PL-4075
as low as $4.75
Rip N Rule' Item# RNR
as low as $1.05
Mega Hand Clapper Item# SM-7658
as low as $0.96
Cape May Picnic Cooler Item# 4200-04
as low as $24.18
Piccolo Mini Personalized Tote Bag Item# 135
as low as $3.98
32 Oz Oasis Squeeze Bottle Item# OASIS
as low as $1.02
Primary Care Bandage Dispenser™ Item# 3500
as low as $0.57
Headlamp Item# 0045-04
as low as $12.57
Deluxe Folding Promotional Umbrella Item# SM-9472
as low as $7.25
Promotional Chocolate Bars and Wrappers Item# FBR200
as low as $1.56
Eco Safe 20 oz. Water Bottle Item# PL-3750
as low as $1.60
Pet Litter Scoop Item# 3210
as low as $1.80
Arches Recycled Poly Backpack Tote Item# 3005-38
as low as $11.60
Universal Soda Lid™ Item# 1300
as low as $0.46
BBQ Set Item# 0045-53
as low as $21.28
6 Item# F6N
as low as $0.17
Aqueous Dispenser Bottles Item# ML230
as low as $2.18
6 Item# 406
as low as $0.70
Tiny Tot Magnetic Timer Item# TC910
as low as $3.49
Cafe Coffee Packs Item# CF100
as low as $1.85
Krony Bandage Dispenser Item# BD200
as low as $0.85
Boomerang 18-inch Promotional Duffel Bag Item# 4650-26
as low as $5.31
Football stress ball Item# SB300
as low as $0.85
Crossroads Pencil Cube Frame Item# 9300-16
as low as $18.38
PolyClean® Sipper Item# PL-3554
as low as $2.21
Companion Care First Aid Kit™ Item# 3535
as low as $1.83
Mini Cooler Sling Item# AP7910
as low as $5.55
Deluxe 6-Pack Insulated Bag Item# SM-7501
as low as $3.75
DuraHyde Deluxe Promotional Briefcase Item# 4900-09
as low as $18.86
Flexi-Bottle Chiller Item# PL-3876
as low as $3.65
Badlands Aluminum Water Bottle Item# PL-3835
as low as $6.98
Road Runner Toothbrush Item# TBT100
as low as $1.00
Skyline Brief Item# 6740-12
as low as $5.80
Metropolis Meeting Tote Item# 6750-31
as low as $5.50
Bev2Go Tumbler Item# PL-1245
as low as $4.99
2 Item# 402
as low as $0.54
Elixer Travel Roll Item# SM-9478
as low as $2.89
PolyClear® Gripper 30 oz Water Bottle Item# PL-0563
as low as $2.11
Foil Pack Pill Opener Item# 3597
as low as $1.04
Solace Suction Catch Item# 1450-68
as low as $3.47
Jumbo Ceramic Mug 14oz Item# 1624-08
as low as $3.86
Gumvelope Promotional Mint Gum Item# SBF1600
as low as $1.13
Mini Twist-A-Snake Item# PL-3632
as low as $6.65
Economy Tote Item# 115
as low as $2.38
Pedova  eTech JournalBook Item# 2700-23
as low as $14.50
4 Item# PA200
as low as $3.63
I-Cool™ Lunch Sack Item# GR4200
as low as $3.38
Lunar iPad Sleeve Item# MB3108
as low as $7.99
Paper Clip Tumbler Item# PL-3829
as low as $2.99
Aqua Clip™ Item# 1800
as low as $0.89
Beach Cooler Item# GR4800
as low as $16.14
Collapsible Party Cooler Item# 9275
as low as $18.99
16 oz. Spirit Promotional Tumbler Item# 5041
as low as $4.68
StaySafe EVA First Aid Kit Item# 1490-10
as low as $12.28
Tec Cooler Bag Item# GR4401
as low as $15.95
h2go Stainless Classic Sport Bottle Item# 4261
as low as $7.49
Rase-a-round Eraser Item# RE92
as low as $0.27
Deluxe Case with Ear Buds & Mic Item# CPP-3311
as low as $3.80
Chase Sewing Kit Item# PCM500
as low as $0.90
Pedova iPad Stand Padfolio Item# 0770-15
as low as $19.34
Ear Buds With Ear Bud Buddy Item# CPP-3183
as low as $1.80
Rectangular Key-light Item# SM-9737
as low as $0.83
Seat-N-Go Cushion Item# SM-7641
as low as $1.10
Celebrations Bookmark Item# 1025-30
as low as $2.89
Dunes Outdoor Game Set Item# 1450-04
as low as $16.05
Zip-Up Bottle Koozie® Kooler Item# 45417
as low as $1.90
Plastic Portfolio Item# SM-3456
as low as $4.83
Balance 3000 Bracelet Item# 1630-30
as low as $7.25
Invader Frisbee 9 Item# TAG1300
as low as $0.99
Windsor Reflections Jr. Padfolio Item# 0550-06
as low as $4.83
Promotional Koozie® Sleeve Item# 45838
as low as $1.33
The Bug Mini Stapler Item# SM-3213
as low as $1.25
Deluxe Executive Promotional Padfolio Item# 2472
as low as $10.49
The Sophia Cross Body Tote Item# 3006-21
as low as $14.50
Flipper Mint Dispenser Item# SBF2200
as low as $1.69
Excel Sport Brief Item# 8100-07
as low as $6.09
Jumbo Desk Calculator Item# PL-6107
as low as $4.98
Game Day Cup with Lid 16 oz Item# 1623-91
as low as $4.83
The Ribbon Reflector Light Item# SM-9770
as low as $0.57
Nicole Quilted Travel Utility Kit Item# 3006-40
as low as $6.76
Coastline CD Case Item# 8000-60
as low as $4.82
Rally Megaphone/Popcorn Holder Item# SM-7635
as low as $0.96
Natural Wood Pencil Item# NWG
as low as $0.18
Excel 18-inch Club Promotional Sport Bag Item# 8200-72
as low as $10.05
9.5 Item# TAG1000
as low as $1.42
Mobile Power Bank and Flashlight Item# 3350-56
as low as $24.18
Eco Buy Write Pencil Item# ECBW
as low as $0.20
Fold 'em Up Ruler Item# PL-4058
as low as $1.88
Austin Compact Mirror Item# PBR500
as low as $1.59
Round Promo-Spring Item# PL-0367
as low as $1.15
Rockwell Square Chocolate Pieces Item# AL100
as low as $0.12
Stainless Commuter Mug Item# PL-0550
as low as $3.97
Ice Cool Tumbler Item# 1623-94
as low as $4.34
Oasis Sports Cap Bottled Spring Water Item# BW100
as low as $27.54
Pet Food Scoop'N Clip™ Item# 3205
as low as $1.83
Laguna Game Set Item# 1450-02
as low as $21.28
Clippi Cable Organizer Item# PL-4471
as low as $1.59
Libation Instant Iced Tea Item# CF120
as low as $0.78
Sunflower-In-A-Can Item# Pl-3896
as low as $1.98
Bolt Urban Promotional Messenger Bag Item# 2950-90
as low as $6.09
Waterproof Pouch Item# 3350-26
as low as $3.86
Tri-Color Promotional Cinch Pack Item# 3098
as low as $2.18
Glitz Pencil Item# GLITZ
as low as $0.25
George Chocolate Cigars Item# CG250
as low as $2.16
WaterTite Beach Box Item# PL-4004
as low as $1.58
Football Clapper Item# NM109
as low as $0.98
Montego Custom Sport Bottle Item# SM-6799
as low as $1.92
Cutlery To Go Set Item# 1031-13
as low as $1.46
Stripe Band Sipper Custom Sports Bottle Item# PL-3833
as low as $6.98
Wrap Item# 7003-04
as low as $1.92
Game Day Standing Tub Cooler Item# 4200-01
as low as $33.86
Mystic Swirl Item# SWIRL
as low as $0.32
Hardcase for iPhone 5 Item# 7140-22
as low as $1.92
Custom Carabiner With Strap Item# 2058
as low as $0.65
Tropics Custom Sunglass Strap Item# SM-9421
as low as $0.76
Rain Slicker-In-A-Bag Item# LT-3605
as low as $5.98
Catalina Column Water Bottle Item# WB3104
as low as $4.99
Rotate Flash Drive: 2GB Item# 1690-48
as low as $7.57
Picnic Basket Cooler Item# 2610-02
as low as $25.15
Calculator/business Card Holder Item# SM-3105
as low as $1.73
Portly Padlock Silicone Luggage Tag Item# UQ1106
as low as $3.98
Step-On! Promotional Pedometer Item# 6650-08
as low as $1.92
Game Day 24-Pack Cooler Item# 2160-36
as low as $6.76
Promotional Letter Opener Item# SM-1711
as low as $0.54
TrackFast Step Pedometer Item# 1630-25
as low as $2.31
Desktop Basketball Globe Game Item# PL-3926
as low as $7.98
Tripod Mini Stool Item# 1070-46
as low as $8.21
Neon Buy Write Pencil Item# NBW
as low as $0.17
Dart Promotional Pen Item# 847
as low as $0.28
Phoenix Aluminum Bottle Item# 1622-11
as low as $2.80
Snap Pen White Barrel Item# BP7900
as low as $0.96
Excursion BPA Free Sport Bottle Item# 1621-66
as low as $3.86
Budget Sling Personalized Backpack Item# 3416
as low as $2.96
Business Card Sticky Pad Item# Pl-3826
as low as $0.94
Rainbow Gel Gripper Item# RAINBO
as low as $1.15
Vortex Tumbler Item# 1622-97
as low as $4.15
Canteen Stainless Custom Water Bottle Item# 1622-34
as low as $6.76
Paglia Straw Mat Item# GR5190
as low as $5.33
Hand Grip Double Wall Ceramic Mug 12 oz Item# 1624-04
as low as $7.73
The Networker Business Card Case Item# SM-9499
as low as $0.45
Incline Personalized Backpack Item# 4525-12
as low as $12.57
Beachball Stress Ball Item# SB989
as low as $0.85
Eliminator Eraser Item# EL89
as low as $0.57
Surfside Mesh Tote Bag Item# SM-7417
as low as $3.67
1/8 Item# SM-3322
as low as $1.73
Carabiner Key Tag Item# KC152
as low as $0.79
Crayons (4-pack) Item# GM-07
as low as $0.45
10 Item# SM-7633
as low as $1.02
Mood Dude® Sticky Book® Item# PL-0465
as low as $1.92
Dog Tags Item# 2028
as low as $0.92
50 Clips And Attacher Item# VS1221
as low as $2.89
Paw Letter Slitter Item# 2425
as low as $0.63
Neon Brilliant Pencil Item# NBRL
as low as $0.18
Folding Insulated Cooler Logo Chair Item# SM-7544
as low as $19.34
Mesh Laundry Bag Item# 3070
as low as $3.05
Waterproof Bag Item# PL-4365
as low as $1.98
Fountain Soda Tumbler with Straw Item# SM-6628
as low as $2.60
Spirit T-shirt Keychain Item# SM-2685
as low as $0.86
Sand Dune Beach Mat Item# SM-7698
as low as $2.57
Rally Disposable Poncho Item# SM-9470
as low as $1.05
iPad Messenger Bag Item# 0022-12
as low as $21.28
Ergo-calc Calculator Item# GA1000
as low as $4.36
The Court Time Cinch Item# SM-7552
as low as $1.92
DuraHyde Jr. Padfolio Item# 0600-06
as low as $6.76
Game Day Magnetic Bottle Opener Item# 1031-95
as low as $2.41
Game Day Plastic Pint Glass 16oz Item# 1624-02
as low as $4.63
Leather Mobile Phone Holder Item# ES9023B
as low as $9.95
as low as $1.92
Can Tumbler 15oz Item# 1624-11
as low as $7.73
Chalk It Up Ceramic Mug Item# SM-6309
as low as $2.50
Handy Juicer Item# 2183
as low as $1.16
Set Of 5 Wax Highlighters Item# 456
as low as $2.67

Using themed products as an affordable, effective and fun way to boost interest in even the most traditional events is easy, if you have the right tools. Unfortunately, some workers can be a little bit on the cynical side. Others have a tendency to get bogged down in the day-in, day-out monotony of the workweek. Keep spirits up, employees energized and behavioral health care bills minimal by incorporating themed products into corporate events, milestones and holidays. Let’s take your company’s birthday for example. Who cares if you just turned 8? Well, everyone, if you can play your cards right. Throw a b-day party or host a casino night, complete with dice and imprinted cocktail glasses and watch as productivity skyrockets.

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