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Flashlights and tape measures and tool kits...Oh my!

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The Norfork Flashlight Item# SM-9824
as low as $3.38
Pocket Pal Tool Set Item# 1430-15
as low as $2.69
Combo Tape Measure / Level Item# SM-9408
as low as $1.54
Wenger® Patriot Genuine Swiss Army Knife Item# 9350-63
as low as $24.18
Dynamo Multi-Function Flashlight Item# 1220-02
as low as $18.86
Cental 2-in-1 Ballpoint/Tape Measure Item# BA5760
as low as $2.52
Flashlight / Emergency Tool Item# SM-9883
as low as $8.67
Dynamo Wind-up Torch Item# SM-9850
as low as $6.76
High Sierra® 15-Function Multi-Tool Item# 8051-02
as low as $25.15
16 Ft Tape Measure Item# 16TM
as low as $3.10
Pocket Aluminum Flashlight Item# FA41
as low as $4.99
Quick-release Tape Measure Item# SM-9397
as low as $0.57
Wenger® Traveler Genuine Swiss Army Knife Item# 9350-15
as low as $48.37
Hand-powered Flashlight Item# SM-9852
as low as $1.92
Tool Pen Kit Item# TPK
as low as $1.40
Flex Booklight Item# SM-9754
as low as $1.46
The Beacon Flashlight Item# SM-9766
as low as $1.63
Mini Lighted Screwdriver Repair Kit Item# SM-9386
as low as $1.44
Metal Led Flashlight Item# SM-9819
as low as $3.28
Multi-Tool Promotional Flashlight Item# SM-9898
as low as $9.67
Aluminum Led Flashlight With Strap Item# 2509
as low as $2.61
WorkMate 16ft Tape Measure Item# 1230-51
as low as $3.86
Robot Series® Book Light Gift Set Item# PL-8750
as low as $1.92
Patient Care Tape Measure Item# 3780
as low as $1.80
Pocket Multi-purpose Tool Kit Item# SM-9365
as low as $1.73
Carabiner / Screwdriver Set With Light Item# SM-9388
as low as $2.41
Measure Pad Leveler – 6 Ft. Item# PL-4060
as low as $1.75
Rectangular Tape Measure With Level Item# SM-9394
as low as $0.83
Pathfinder Gift Set Item# 1400-34
as low as $15.47
The Handyman Locking Tape Measure Item# SM-9402
as low as $1.44
Emergency Flashlight Tool Kit Item# FA303
as low as $7.99
Rugged Locking Tape Measure Item# SM-9390
as low as $1.76
Econo-Dynamo Light Item# PL-0611
as low as $3.95
Pocket Pro Mini Tape Measure / Key Chain Item# SM-9416
as low as $0.86
The Journeyman Locking Tape Measure Item# SM-9403
as low as $1.73
Compact Tool Kit Item# 7216
as low as $1.31
The Pro Locking Tape Measure Item# SM-9401
as low as $4.80
The Estimator Measuring Kit Item# SM-9389
as low as $7.70
25 Ft Tape Measure Item# 25TM
as low as $4.70
WorkMate 27-Piece Promotional Tool Set Item# 1430-04
as low as $14.50
4-Way Screwdriver Set Item# PL-4056
as low as $1.28
23 Piece Promotional Tool Kit Item# SM-9358
as low as $6.76
26-Piece Deluxe Promotional Tool Kit Item# SM-9350
as low as $9.18
Zippo® Auto Safe Flashlight Item# 7550-34
as low as $29.02
Zippo® Mini Auto Safety Flashlight Item# 7550-35
as low as $25.15
Tire Shaped Tool Kit Item# 1430-25
as low as $12.57
Brookstone Deluxe Utility Case Item# 70410
as low as $59.57
3 Piece Tool Set Item# GT5018
as low as $23.95
Select Tool Kit Item# 70600
as low as $46.57
Toolbox Item# 0088-03
as low as $15.47
WorkMate15 Piece Tool Set Item# 1430-33
as low as $20.31
WorkMate Compact Tool Kit Item# 1430-26
as low as $9.67
Tape-a-matic Item# 61H
as low as $0.56
Multi-function Tape Measure Item# 7353
as low as $1.64
Square Tape Measure Key Tag Item# 63H
as low as $0.63
White Board Tape Measure Item# SM-9396
as low as $1.54
12 Foot Translucent Tape Item# GC029
as low as $3.39
as low as $2.80
16' 3 In 1 Radio Tape Measure Item# GM4101
as low as $6.88
10 In 1 Compass Survival Card Item# GC044
as low as $4.11
Icon Beverage Wrench™ Item# 607
as low as $0.67
Plastic Curve Light Item# FLCL
as low as $1.59
Tri-Ad™ Promotional Screwdriver Item# 2062
as low as $1.76
Swivel Flashlight Item# 114
as low as $1.68
Promotional 6-in-1 Screwdriver Item# 2044
as low as $4.41
Aluminum Carabiner Light Item# 115
as low as $1.78
Level Toolkit with Light Item# TK16
as low as $1.99
Aluminum Flashlight Keychain Item# 2505
as low as $2.25
WorkMate Screwdriver Level Light Tool Item# 1430-50
as low as $2.89
7 in 1 Golf Tool Item# GOLFTOOL
as low as $3.88
Quest LED Promotional Flashlight Item# 1220-79
as low as $14.50
as low as $1.80
Multi-Function Carabiner Tool Item# 5550
as low as $3.67
5 In 1 Multi-Function Tool Item# 7212
as low as $1.64
iWrite Touch Free Stylus with LED and PEN Item# IWRITELED
as low as $4.10
Sidekick Item# LM2102
as low as $56.99
Super Tool 300 Item# LM2103
as low as $79.99
Light Credit Card Magnifier/ Menu Reader Item# AC1004SV
as low as $6.49
Carabiner Pocketknife Item# WOR-CP01
as low as $6.20
Mini Screwdriver Item# SM-9368
as low as $1.25
10 in 1 Multi Tool Item# 70610
as low as $27.07
Handy Mate Multi-Tool with Hammer Item# 1430-32
as low as $12.09
Screwdriver Flashlight Item# 1430-31
as low as $9.67
Handy Manning Multi-Tool Flashlight Item# 1430-29
as low as $2.89
WorkMate Tuff 16 Function Multi Tool Item# 1430-30
as low as $4.83
Spidey 8 In One Screwdriver Flashlight Item# 1430-28
as low as $6.28
Master T 6 Bit Screw Driver Item# 1430-27
as low as $2.41
Life-Saving Hammer Item# SM-9983
as low as $2.31
Screwdriver Set with Tape Measure Item# SM-9395
as low as $2.21
Palm Tool Kit Item# 2589
as low as $4.39
Level Driver Item# 2443
as low as $3.55
Lighted Level Driver Item# 2115
as low as $3.61
Outlander 9 Function Pocket Knife Item# 1430-40
as low as $3.86
Oblong 9 Function Pocket Knife Item# 1430-41
as low as $5.80
as low as $81.66
Multi-Tool Carabiner Item# 2264
as low as $2.80
Illuminator LED Key Light Item# 1220-31
as low as $2.41
Pocket 9 LED Torch Flashlight Item# PL-3802
as low as $3.86
Rubik® Flashlight Item# PL-3631
as low as $4.98
Stubby LED Promotional Flashlight Item# 2500
as low as $2.70
Executive LED Squeeze Light Item# KC112
as low as $1.99
Carabiner LED Light Item# KC88
as low as $2.49
Kikkerland Push-Light Item# K-TL22A
as low as $4.60
K3A Mag-Lite Solitaire Flashlight Item# 89000
as low as $11.11
M3A Mini Mag-Lite Flashlight Item# 89010
as low as $15.44
SP2 Mini Mag-Lite LED Flashlight Item# 89050
as low as $31.69
S2D Mag-Lite Flashlight Item# 89030
as low as $35.49
S3D Mag-Lite Flashlight Item# 89040
as low as $36.31
ST3 Mag-Lite LED Flashlight Item# 89060
as low as $47.79
LED Light With Magnet And Wrist Band Item# 2520
as low as $2.18
Handy Mate Flashlight Multi-Tool Item# 1430-22
as low as $9.67
LED Flashlight | Ballpoint Combo Item# FA1131
as low as $1.49
Solar Carabiner Clip Light Item# 2919
as low as $4.42
Camo Flashlight Item# CAMOFL
as low as $5.68
City Lights Item# HF1002
as low as $6.50
Micro - Torch Flashlight Item# HF1003BK
as low as $8.50
LED Flex Light Item# HF1001BK
as low as $16.99
Multi-Head Lighted Screwdriver Item# WTT-ML11
as low as $1.63
Baby Barrel 6 LED Torch Item# PL-4400
as low as $3.98
Life Gear Glow Stick Item# 1220-89
as low as $4.83
Life Gear Mini Flashlight Item# 1220-90
as low as $8.69
Car Charging Flashlight Item# 70315
as low as $32.49
Life Gear Flashlight Item# 1220-91
as low as $11.60
Aluminum LED Light With Strap Item# 2518
as low as $4.35
Extending Lantern Flashlight Item# 125
as low as $4.83
Push-Button Aluminum Flashlight Item# FA16
as low as $2.62
Easy Grip Flashlight Item# 1220-97
as low as $5.80
Astro Flashlight Item# SM-9846
as low as $1.92
Corona Flashlight Item# SM-9767
as low as $2.70
Neutron Rechargable Triple Output CREE Item# FL106
as low as $82.69
Cloud Flashlight Item# PL-4237
as low as $1.21
Aldrin Flashlight Item# SM-9872
as low as $3.86
Apollo Flashlight Item# SM-9874
as low as $3.86
Slide Book-Light Item# SM-9882
as low as $1.21
Folding Booklight Item# SM-9886
as low as $1.83
Axis 14 LED Flashlight Item# SM-9889
as low as $4.34
Magnetic Metal Flashlight Item# 2946
as low as $4.74
Telescoping Flex Flashlight Item# 2938
as low as $8.17
Carabiner Torch Light Item# 2069
as low as $1.00
The Fusion Flashlight Item# SM-9808
as low as $1.94

Tools are important items that have allowed humans to maintain our existence in this world by allowing us to accomplish tasks that our bodies themselves cannot. Today, they provide a wide variety of functions in many different domains of life. Therefore, it is no surprise that they also make great marketing items since they are the best at providing real utility to the recipient. At Pinnacle Promotions, we offer a wide selection of tools from flashlights to knives and outdoor adventure kits, we are sure to have the perfect solution for you and your brand’s needs. Grow your customer base by appealing to a wide variety of users in just about any industry. Home repair companies, like painters or carpenters for example, could easily market their business with the use of these dynamic products.

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